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List of Electronics companies in the field of Semiconductors and communications.

ADVA Optical Networking - (972).9.7750101

Scalable optical transport. Packet edge and aggregation. Network virtualization. Network infrastructure assurance. Timing and synchronization. Automated network management. FSP 3000 AgileConnect can securely transport data across access, metro and long-haul distances, incorporating the latest multi-degree ROADM technology.

Actelis Networks - (972).3.9243491

Patent pending broadband transport system to deliver fiber optic standard performance over voice-grade copper pairs.

Petah Tikva
AudioCodes - (972).3.99764000

Voice compression technology for high quality transmission of voice over IP. Gateways and DSL and ATM access devices to enable packet networks to carry voice and data more efficiently and at lower cost than the traditional telephone networks.

Airport City
Avaya Communication - (972).3.6457500

IP telephony, voice mesaging and contact centers.

Tel Aviv
Axerra Networks - (972).3.7659901

AXN - a line of Multi-service IP Access Concentrators that enable global service providers to offer customers multi-service over a single, unified IP-based network.

Tel Aviv
BATM Advanced Communications - (972).9.8662525

T family of LAN switching and routing products. Photonic switching. Fast Ethernet Switches, T4, T5, T6 Routing. Gigabit Ethernet Copper and Fiber Switch. Transceivers for coax, thin-coax, twisted pair, and fiber optic networks. EdgeLink VDSL Systems.

Kfar Neter
BOS mobile and RFID solutions - (972).4.9541000

IP telephony LAN/WAN solutions for enterprises. BOSaNova family of VOIP products includes rack-mountable gateways, an external USB device and software. The series include FXO and FXS analog gateways and E1/T1 PRI digital gateways. Supports H.323 protocol.

Rishon Lezion
Broadcom - (972).3.7552300

Optical and digital technologies for broadband services using Point-to-Multi Point fiber technology. Optical transceiver that supports up to 1.25Gbps symmetrical bandwidth.

Bynet - (972).3.6458080

Consulting, design, marketing, installation, outsourcing, integration, maintenance and training for datacom and telecom equipment and systems.

Tel Aviv
Cellbris Telecom - (972).3.5230080

UniCall multi-user cellular GSM gateway. UniSky remote extension connecting cellular phone to any VoIP gateway. By utilizing VPN Unisky allows Skype and IP calls to mobile phone. CellGate wireless and universal switch system with remote administration.

Tel Aviv
CelleBrite - (972).3.9247104

UME-12 - Universal Memory Exchanger allows simple transfer of memory, e.g. names and telephone numbers between a mobile cellular phones such as Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, operating on different technologies: AMPS, CDMA, TDMA, GSM, etc.

Petah Tikva
Celltick Technologies - (972).9.9710200

LiveScreen with GSMGateway to GSM network to broadcast local information and SMS directly to clients' handset. Cell-Info enables mobile operators to continuously display location information (city, etc.) on users' handsets. Cell Broadcast Center (CBC).

Cellular3G - (972).9.8851182

Fabless semiconductor company developing high end W-CDMA baseband chip for mobile and smart phones and cameras. W-CDMA IP (core) to create dual-mode (2.5/3G) and multi-mode designs (W-CDMA/EDGE-GPRS-GSM) provided with a FPGA based development platform.

Celtro - (972).3.9206500

Carrier-class backhaul switching solutions for cellular networks. DynaMate product family. Rack-mounted terminal that supports up to 48 E1s in hub sites. Compact terminal for traffic optimization in satellite links.

Petah Tikva
Cisco Systems - (972).

Server Networking and Virtualization solutions. Wireless LAN products. Broadband cable. Universal gateways and access servers. Voice and IP communications. Optical networking. Routers.

Tel Aviv
ColorChip - (972).4.6300200

Ultra Low Loss fiber optic components and modules for the fiber optic communications market. Optical splitters. PLC Splitter Chips. PLC Splitter wafers. 1x2/2x2 Couplers. Fiber Concentrators.

Commtact - (972).8.9433602

Communications and information systems for military, homeland security (HLS) and commercial applications. UAV data link systems, airborne data links for manned aircraft and specialized guided weapon data links. Transmitters, receivers, RF modules.

ECI Telecom - (972).3. 9266555

Manufacturer of digital telecommunications solutions for Broadband Access and Transport networks. Optical networking and bandwidth management solutions for metro, cellular, regional and global environments. Hi-FOCuSTM - Multi-Service Access Gateway.

Petah Tikva
EZchip Technologies - (972).4.9596666

High-performance network processors (programmable chips that combine the speed of silicon with the intelligence and flexibility of microprocessors) for 10-Gigabit switches and routers.

Extricom - (972).9.9569522

WLAN architecture for enterprise-wide deployment. Extricom WLAN uses a single wireless switch for the entire network with standard Wi-Fi protocols (IEEE 802.11) and Ethernet. Access Points (AP): ultra-thin, low-cost 802.11 PHY devices.

FibroLAN - (972).4.9591717

Fiber-optic networking and Broad-Band Access systems. MetroStar, carrier class rack-mountable, modular multiple-channel (10/100/155/1000Mbps) media converter. Single and multiple channel devices. MA managed gigabit Ethernet converters and extenders.

Foxcom - (972).52.3676738

Fiber optic transmission systems for satellite, broadcast and MDU (multi-dwelling unit) markets. Sat-Light Interfacility Links (IFLs) support L-Band (950-2150 MHz), 70/140 MHz IF (10-200 MHz), C-Band (3.4-6.8 GHz) and X Band (7.2-8.4 GHz).

Hermon Laboratories TI - (972).4.6268450

Automatic telecom testing instruments for phones, digital switches, PBXs and VoIP gateways. Telecom Conformance Analyzer according to industry standards for analog Cellular, VoIP, xDSL, T1/E1 and ISDN PRI equipment. Acoustic and telephonometry testing.

Hypermedia Systems - (972).77.4445000

Hypermedia Gateway enables allocation of PRI B-channels for inbound and outbound PSTN, cellular (GSM, TDMA and CDMA) and VoIP calls in one box. Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) access. UMTS gateway (3G gateways). Cellular analog gateways.

IMC Industries - (972).3.9300464

Manufacturer of RF modules, microwave components and data link communication systems for defense, homeland security and civil applications. IMC's products are integrated as part of various platforms such as UAV/UGV/UGS, ground to ground mobile systems, electronic warfare systems, radar systems and test simulators.

Petah Tikva
Infineon Technologies - (972).9.8924140

Broadband access, Ethernet switches, VDSL, VoIP, network processors, broadband wireless, optical networking.

Juniper Networks - (972).74.7170000

VoIP Session Border Control solutions. Customer premises equipment (CPE) for enterprise VoIP locations. VoiceFlow series fast Ethernet packet processing device that handles SIP, H.323, MGCP protocols for up to 20,000 concurrent VoIP calls.

LYNX Photonic Networks - (972).3.9155000

Photonic switching devices and photonic routing sub-systems that enable dynamically managed optical switched networks.

Rosh Ha'ayin
LocatioNet - (972).9.8856451

Comprehensive platform for wireless location based services; supports all standard cellular interfaces (SMS, Voice, WML, XML, etc.). GIS Engine with geo-coding, mapping and routing engine, which provides concurrent users with fast access to any map type.

MedOne - (972).9.7476011

Data center facilities. Hosting and cloud storage solutions.

Hod HaSharon
Microsemi - (972).9.7998892

Power over LAN systems to supply power to IP phones and other devices using Ethernet network cable infrastructure. Embedded IEEE 802.3af compliant, easily integrated into Ethernet switches. Wireless Local Loop (WLL) integrated Telecom power supplies.

Hod HaSharon
Motorola Israel - (972).3.5658888

Telecommunication systems and services. Wireless cellular infrastructure.

Tel Aviv
Orbit Communication Systems - (972).9.8922777

Mobile satellite communication, tracking and audio communication systems for military and commercial applications used by global defense and commercial companies. Broadband satellite communications for marine, air and ground mobile platforms.

PRAF Microcomputer Technologies - (972).3.5031045

Automated Attendants for PBX Systems. Analog Line Supervisors - Line Monitoring modules for integration with PBX, IP and cellular gateways. Mobile Cellular Phones Memory Exchanger for cellular operators and mobile phone distributors.

Parallel Communications - (972).9.7466251

OfficeOne all-in-one rich media communications suite for the voice over IP service provider and for Application Service Provider portals. OfficeOne terminals communicate via the NGCP server and with external SIP and H.323 terminals.

Pointer Telocation - (972).3.5723111

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). Wireless vehicle communication and control systems. Vehicle security and tracking system combining software and hardware designed to manage vehicle fleets.

Rosh Ha'ayin
RAD Data Communications - (972).3.6458181

Multiservice access nodes and E1/T1 converters, multiplexers, universal multi-service NTUs, digital service access devices (CSU/DSUs), modem racks, xDSL, HDSL, fiber optic modems and converters, ATM access devices, integrated bandwidth managers.

Tel Aviv
RFOptic - (972).76.5400180

Provider of RF over Fiber (RFoF) and Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions. Off-the-shelf products at IF, VHF, UH, L, S, C, X and Ku bands. RF over Fiber modules are used to convert RF signals to optical signals that can be carried over long distances.

Radcom - (972).3.6455055

Manufacturer of protocol analysis and test equipment for LANs, WANs and ATM, supporting over 350 protocols, including, ATM, IP, POS, cellular, ISDN, PPP, DSL. Latency measurements, voice over IP, Internetworking, MGCP-SIP, MPLS, etc.

Tel Aviv
Radware - (972).3.7668666

Internet Traffic Management (ITM) solutions. Web Server Director - for local and global traffic management. Cache Server Director - for internet cache management. FireProof - Security traffic management. LinkProof - Internet link traffic management.

Tel Aviv
Radwin - (972).3.7662900

Carrier-class broadband wireless solutions for voice and high-speed data services. WinLink: Point-to-point wireless multiplexer operates in the license-free 5.725 - 5.850 GHz bands. WinAir point-to-multipoint solution for telephony and IP-based services.

Tel Aviv
RiT Technologies - (972).3.6455151

LAN wiring products - Patch panels, cables, cords, connectors, and communications outlets for copper and fiber optic connectivity. PatchView for the Enterprise - real-time network cabling management application based on an SQL-relational database.

Tel Aviv
SANRAD - (972).3.7674800

V-STOR and V-Switch provide virtual and physical servers with zero-down-time and zero-data-loss by means of a low-cost, robust IP SAN with advanced features such as QoS, metro cluster, WAN replication, full storage virtualization and more.

Tel Aviv
Sigma Designs Israel - (972).3.7696222

CopperStream chipset family for home networking and MDU/MTU broadband access applications based on the HomePNA V3 standard. Delivering broadband services over telephony and coax wiring. Chipsets implement an integrated MAC and PHY engine.

Tel Aviv
Surf Communication Solutions - (972).73.7140715

Media over Packet (MoP) Triple Play (Voice, Video, and Modem/Fax/Data) Mop conversion solutions for communication equipment manufacturers. Integration levels: DSP software; DSP hardware/software; PTMC boards; and PCI boards.

Tadiran Telecom - (972).3.9262000

Unified Communications, Contact Center, and Control Room solutions. Products include UC platforms, IP PBXs, soft switches, contact centers, Dispatch Console, IP phones and mobility and desktop solutions.

Petah Tikva
Tadiran Telecom Business Systems - (972).3.9262000

Wide range of communications solutions including Telephony systems, IP-based telecommunications, Coral FlexiCom servers, FlexCT management and routing tools, Voice call services, CT, unified messaging, remote office and SOHO applications, call center etc.

Petah Tikva
Telco Systems - (972).9.8662525

Layer 2 10/100/1000 Ethernet SNMP-managed and stackable switches to transport data over copper and fiber. VDSL solutions for the MTU/MDU markets. VoIP solutions for the SME and SOHO environments, Multi-Layer IP switching and routing platforms.

Kfar Neter
Telrad Networks - (972).73.2467000

End-to-end telecom networks solutions and systems integration services. Convergence of voice and data to a unified network. Migration from TDM PSTN to Packet Public Network.

Texas Instruments Israel - (972).9.9706444

Cable Broadband Communications (CBC) Development Center - Technology based on SOC (system on chip) components, RF solutions and systemic software.

TraceSpan Communications - (972).9.7462221

ADSL, ADSL2 broadband monitoring systems. DSL Xpert Multi-Layer Analyzer for Telcos and ADSL equipment makers to test and monitor quality of ADSL products. DSL Phantom non-intrusive interception of P2P communication for law enforcement authorities.

VBox Communications - (972).9.9502821

Receiver solutions for digital TV and data broadcasting networks. PCI cards and USB boxes for digital TV reception and handling of encrypted Pay TV services. Ethernet satellite routers and gateways for the reception of high quality digital content.

Vitec Video Innovations - (972).9.9709200

Optibase Blade Systems. Carrier-grade platforms that compress, transcode and stream video at broadcast quality over WiFi, 3G, 4G LTE networks or over the public internet. MPEG encoders, decoders.

VocalTec - (972).9.9707777

Telecom equipment provider of network voice solutions for carriers and service providers. Founder of VoIP technology. Essentra - SIP-Based softswitch architecture integrates benefits of SIP, MEGACO/H.248 and H.323 technologies with PSTN/SS7 connectivity.

WiseCom - (972).3.9181111

Telrad Connegy PBX and VOIP solutions for organizations and businesses. AdvanceIP business communication platform that combines IP-based telephony and IP voice capabilities with analog, digital, LAN/WAN, wireless and voice, data and CTI applications.

Petah Tikva