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@ Software - (972).

List of Software Companies that specialize in networking products.

@ Telecommunications Companies - (972).

List of manufacturers specializing in telecommunication equipment and accessories.

Azimuth Technologies - (972).9.7612500

Target acquisition and navigation for defense field intelligence, target identification, directing fire elements such as artillery and rockets, attack aircraft and helicopters. GPS Navigation and communication for commercial cellular markets.

Eldat Communication - (972).3.6887879

Electronic shelf labels for retailers using infra red (IR) technology. ESL system gets the prices from the computerized Point Of Sale (POS) system and transmits it through transceivers in store's ceiling, to the ESLs located on shelves in the store.

Tel Aviv
Elron Electronic Industries - (972).4.8545000

Defense electronics, communications, semiconductors and, information technology.

Elta Systems Group - (972).8.8572312

Electromagnetic sensors (radar, electronic warfare and communication) and Information Technology. Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) Systems. Microwave, antennas, transmitters, signal processors. Special test equipment. Data Links and SATCOM.

KP Electronic Systems - (972).4.9873066

Long-range radio alarm and data communication products for the security and telemetry (SCADA) industries. Wireless Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system. Radio controlled irrigation for parks, highway landscaping, golf courses, municipal needs etc.

Mellanox Technologies - (972).4.9593244

Semiconductor I/O building blocks for Internet infrastructure. InfiniBridge product family based on InfiniBand point-to-point high-speed switch fabric interconnect architecture that is independent of the host operating system and processor platform.

MicroKim - (972).4.8577490

RF Microwave components and subsystems, antennas for PCs. Military field testers: radar signal simulators, altimeter tester.

Tirat Hacarmel
Phantom Technologies - (972).3.9215720

Development and manufacture of special jammers for cellular and RF communications. Pelican Case Cell Phone Jammer Dual Band. GSM Monitoring System. Jammers to prevent cellular phone triggering and detonation of remote controlled explosive devices.

Petah Tikva
RedC Optical Networking - (972).3.6476789

Developer of EDFA and Raman amplifiers for the C and L band range for WDM optical network system designers and network service providers. Accommodates full spectrum of EDFA applications: Metro, Long-Haul and CATV. Incorporated into Lucent (Chromatis).

Tel Aviv
Silicom Connectivity Solutions - (972).9.7644555

Multi-port 10GB and Gigabit Ethernet, copper and fiber-optic, server and BYPASS adapters designed to increase throughput of server-based systems, security appliances and other mission-critical gateway applications.

Kfar Sava
Smart Link - (972).9.8638000

Design of broadband, soft ADSL modem over Ethernet and dial-up modems for desktop PCs, notebooks, internet appliances, digital TV set-top boxes, point of sale (POS) products, and multi-function printers. Embedded modem line includes V.22bis standard.

Synergy Cables - (972).4.8466222

Telecommunication Division: manufacture of telephone copper conductors up to 2400 pairs, electronic wires and cables, fiber optic cables. Armored power cables, XLPE insulated, PVC sheathed. Welding cables.

Kiryat Bialik
Tabor Electronics - (972).4.8213393

Manufacturer and OEM of high-end test and measurement equipment with private-labels. Products include universal counters, timers, synthesizers, pulse, function and arbitrary waveform generators with 1 ppm clock accuracy, waveform creation software etc.

Voltaire - (972).9.9717666

nVigor - TCP/ IP to InfiniBand router, connecting InfiniBand fabrics with IP infrastructure. (InfiniBand is a fabric based, switched network, that allows devices such as servers, storage and I/O to communicate at the same time and at very high speeds).

Yamar Electronics - (972).3.5445294

DC-BUS technology for multiplex battery power line communication of data and sound. Products for mechatronics, telematics, body electronics, power train at speeds of 10Kbps to 2Mbps based on CAN, LIN. DC-BUS Alliance of carmakers standardized technology.

Tel Aviv