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Emza Visual Sense - (972).9.7679333

WiseEye miniature surveillance sensor for outdoor intruder detection that continuously analyzes the visual scene and sends images only during alert. Applications in traffic monitoring, customer tracking, railroad crossings, toll booths.

Kfar Saba
Infodraw - (972).3.6127434

Manufacturer of devices for streaming, recording and monitoring live video, audio and location. DSP based with built-in 3G modem designed to work in a cellular environment. Suited for police, transportation safety, safe city and strategic site security.

Magal Solutions - (972).3.5391444

Outdoor Perimeter Protection systems for airports, borders, industrial complexes, nuclear and conventional power stations and public utilities. DreamBox: CCTV security. Intrusion detection fence. Photoelectric detection system. Turnkey security projects.

NICE Systems - (972).9.7753777

NiceVision digital video and audio recording and IP platform for long distance security monitoring for public facilities. Command and control for airports, mass transit and tollway operators. PDA connection for security officers. Video content analysis.

SerVision - (972).2.5350000

Video monitoring systems with wireless communication. DVR gateway with Linux OS can be connected to 2-16 cameras including audio. Video transmission over phone, Wi-Fi and cellular networks. PC, mobile phone and PDA interfaces from the web to client.