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Aitech Systems - (972).9.9600600

Single Board Computers (SBCs) and Memory Boards for Space Applications. Rugged Compact PC. Embedded PC-based Remote Interface Unit (RIU). Peripheral I/O Boards. Carrier Cards and Transition Modules.

Chip PC - (972).8.6909096

Manufacturer of Chip PC thin client and server-based-computing technologies. Chip PC has compact size (180 g) and low power consumption (3.5 W), is reliable (with no moving parts), configurable by a Software Management suite. PC/SC PKI smart card.

CompuLab - (972).4.8222140

CORE module product line - miniature single board computers designed to serve as the heart of embedded applications. X86BASE boards - small stand-alone PC-compatible computers with standard connectors for peripherals.

EPS Tech - (972).9.7498585

Electronic packaging and integration on various platforms: industrial PC, VME, CPCI/2.16. Diagnostics services for embedded computing systems. Punching, bending, grinding, milling machines to produce mechanical packaging. Front panel production.

SanDisk - (972).9.7645000

Flash memory data storage products for electronic systems and digital devices. Originally M-Systems Flash Disk, inventor of DiskOnChip single-chip flash disks with full read/write disk emulation.

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