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Aero Sol - (972).3.9262504

Design and production of custom parts and components for the aerospace industry using composite materials. Products include radar domes and antennas, helmets, payloads and camera enclosure, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Petah Tikva
Ashot Ashkelon Industries - (972).8.6721511

Manufacture of jet engine shafts, gears, transmissions, gearboxes, high lift systems components, landing gear components and tungsten products for the aerospace and defense industries. Ashot is part of Elbit Systems.

Astronautics - (972).3.9251555

Mission and Display Processor (MDP) for avionics systems of F-5, Mig-21, F-4, BO105 , A-4, KTX-2 , C-130 Gunship , T-38, MB-339 C/D and Mirage III fighter planes. Air Data Computers (ADCs). Cockpit instruments. Navigation System (INS/GPS).

Petah Tikva
DRS RADA Technologies - (972).9.8921111

Avionics systems. Data acquisition systems and flight data recorders for collecting data during flight for further use on the ground. Ground Debriefing Station (GDS) PC-based system to optimize post-flight debriefing. Commercial Aviation Test Station.

Excalibur Systems - (972).2.6541050

MIL-STD-1553 Multi-channel boards which operate as a bus controller, remote terminal or bus monitor. Mini Munitions Store Interface (MMSI) modules. ARINC-708 /453 for Weather Radar Display databus. Multi-protocol test, simulation board for PCI computers.

Israel Aircraft Industries - (972).3.9353343

Upgrading of aircraft and civil helicopters. Conversion of passenger aircraft to freighters. Unmanned air vehicle. Air traffic control. Ballistic missile defense systems. Sea to sea missiles. Electro-optical payloads. Electronic warfare. Air defense.

Urban Aeronautics (UrbanAero) - (972).8.9433640

Rotorless Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicle with no exposed rotors. X-Hawk: protoype of multi-mission, aerial, utility vehicle operating safely in urban and natural environments. Uses include high rise rescue, utility repair.