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1Vision - (972).9.9507712

Providing Image Processing and Visual Inspection solutions for the industrial OEM, defense and academic segments. Consulting for production floor machine vision based manufacturers.

@ Aviation - (972).

List of companies that manufacture electro-optical components for Avionics systems.

A. Optical Components - (972).3.5566663

Manufacturer of custom made, high quality optics for industrial applications. Optical products include windows, prisms, lenses, mirrors, filters, special products assemblies and turnkey solutions according to customers' drawings and specifications.

CI Systems Electro-Optics Division - (972).4.6448888

Electro-optical test and measurement systems for defense, industrial and scientific markets. Collimators, Flir and laser test systems, remote sensing spectroradiometers, blackbodies.

Migdal HaEmek
Civcom - (972).3.9229229

Dynamic opto-electronic components for communications, measurement and military applications. Optical switches and shutters based on Solid Free Space (SFS) ultra-fast, polarization independent switching. LIDAR/LADAR, Laser Range Finders, Fiber Gyro, FLIR.

Petah Tikva
Controp Precision Technologies - (972).9.7440661

Electro-optical and precision motion control systems. Stabilized Observation Payloads for surveillance on helicopters, aircraft, boats and ground vehicles. Thermal imaging cameras with high performance zoom lens. Aerial reconnaissance film cameras.

Hod HaSharon
Duma Optronics - (972).4.8200577

Optical beam positioning measurement systems. Beam analysis systems (beam profilers, M2 meter, Divergence meter). Multi-Channel power meters. Optical fiber beam analysis systems. Tailor made test stations.

Elbit Electro-optics - (972).8.9386211

Electro-optical sensors and systems, lasers, visible and thermal imaging, stabilized payloads for all military applications, remote observation systems, space-borne sensors, fire control systems, avionics instruments, diode pumped lasers, FLIRS.

Gavish - (972).8.6900770

Production of sapphire and other crystalline materials for use in semiconductor process equipment, analytical and medical laser and optical applications.

Lahat Technologies - (972).9.7646200

Sales, support and service representative for some of the leading manufacturers in the fields of Lasers, Optics, Electronics Test and Measurement Equipment, and motion Control.

Kfar Saba
Maradin - (972).4.6273653

Developer of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). Laser scanning mirrors and controllers for a wide range of applications, including pico-projectors, automotive heads up display (HUD), medical devices, industrial devices, defense instruments.

Mark Electro-Optics - (972).77.7663738

Design illuminating and imaging systems using ZEMAX-OpticStudio. Development of entire camera system.

Nanonics Imaging - (972).2.6789573

Near-field microscopy systems. Applications include optical characterization of surfaces, optical lithography, failure analysis of microchips, opto-electronic devices, histological specimens and biological samples, confocal imaging.

NextVison stabilized systems - (972).77.5342041

Developer of micro stabilized gimballed cameras for commercial, industrial and security applications. The cameras can be mounted on ground, aerial and maritime platforms. Accessoriesfor ObjectTracking, GeoLocation, Video recording and IP encapsulation.

Ofil - (972).8.9407953

Solar Blind UV (SBUV) optical filters with UV BandPass that enable detection of faint UV signals in full daylight, for homeland security, law enforcement and power distribution markets. DayCor corona camera system for electrical utility industry.

Nes Ziona
Omek Optics - (972).4.6514560

Custom optical and opto-mechanical designs for military, medical and high-tech industries. Turnkey assembly of optical systems. Optical microscopy. Cassegrain systems. Optics for high power industrial lasers. FLIR systems. Achromatic lens design.

Givat Elah
Opgal Optronic Industries - (972).4.9953903

Electro-optical systems; thermal imaging systems; night vision devices; medical equipment.

Ophir Optronics - (972).2.5484444

Laser measurement instrumentation for laser power, energy, beam profile and spectrum. Optical assemblies for IR thermal vision systems. Diamond fly cutting and turning machines.

Optronics Engineering - (972).9.7730247

Night Vision systems for combat infantry. Fire control and target acquisition system for light weapons. Lightweight C4I system and software for infantry. MARS Multi purpose accurate weapon aiming sight. Weapon mounted RED (Visible) laser aiming light.

Raicol Crystals - (972).3.9367412

Manufacturer of nonlinear optical materials. KTP, RTP crystals for applications in visible to mid-infrared range. Electrooptic and Cr4+:YAG Crystal Passive Q-switch for Nd and Yb doped lasers. BBO (Beta Barium Borate) and LBO (Lithium Triborate) crystals.

Rosh Ha'ayin
Ricor - (972).4.6530800

Cryogenic coolers for IR sensors, cryocoolers for thermal imaging, HTSC, vacuum, X-ray spectrometers. Cryopumps for superconductive devices, telecommunication and medical applications. Cryogenic water vapor pump that does not require a helium compressor.

Ein Harod Ihud
Rosh Electroptics - (972).9.8627401

Distributor and representative of many companies in the field of electro-optics. Main line of work: Optical substrates and materials, electro-optics and optical components, lasers etc.

SCD Semi Conductor Devices - (972).4.9902535

Manufacturer of IR detectors and electro-optical components. Indium Antimonide (InSb) two dimensional arrays (FPA series). Laser diodes.

SHILAT Optronics - (972).8.6605470

Hawk Eye: lightweight unmanned tactical aerostat, mounted observation system designed especially for stand-off, wide coverage air observation. Low Light Level imaging that is comparable or better than image intensifier based night vision devices. Laser guidance for munitions of wide variety.

SPO precision optics - (972).

SPO develops high-end, sophisticated and customized Free-Form and complex optical elements. Spheres of various curvatures and diameters. Aspheres - elements of rotational symmetry with a profile that deviates from that of a circle. Cylindrical optics to focus a beam of light into a line. Toric surfaces.

Temmek Optics - (972).8.9438408

Thermal imaging complete optics. Motorized zoom lenses electronically controlled by central CPU. On axis design insures vibration resistant structure, crucial for military, industrial and commercial use. Optical design and thin-film coating services.