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AccuBeat - (972).2.5868330

High precision frequency and time generation and synchronization products based on Rubidium Frequency Standards and GPS receivers. World's smallest atomic oscillators for use in cellular base stations, computer networks, calibration labs, telemetry etc.

Electrotherm Industry - (972).77.8660620

Design and manufacture of industrial thermal process solutions. Rotary hearth furnaces, conveyor furnaces, car bottom furnaces, retort furnaces. Pit furnaces for heat treatment. Quenching tanks for cooling oil or polymer substances after heat treatment.

Migdal HaEmek
Micronet - (972).3.5584886

Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) ranging from display terminal to On-Board Computer with built-in GPS and modem including Windows CE/.NET platform. Used in trucking, distribution, transportation (taxis and rentals), utilities, public safety (police, fire).

Optoacoustics - (972).3.6344488

Manufacturer of optical fiber-based acoustic sensors. Optical microphone for functional MRI used for human brain mapping. Microphones for acoustic measurement and communications in high noise areas, oil rigs. Accelerometers for vibration measurement.

Or Yehuda