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Afcon Industries Group - (972).3.9392500

Design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of electrometrical equipment and industrial control systems. Electro-mechanics and HVAC contracting works. Industrial control electronics products engineering and manufacturing.

Petah Tikva
Anorad - (972).4.9095222

Linear motor systems and technology - Servo controllers, Anoline linear servo motors, standard positioning stages, PCLM and Anocast composites, air bearing systems.

Ateka - (972).73.2001311

Manufacture and installation of a wide range of industrial electrical equipment, control, automation, software and electronics systems. Air purification systems. Electronics and communication racks. Subsidiary of Afcon Industries Ltd.

Petah Tikva
Eldrotec - (972).4.6893080

Design and manufacture of air conditioning, cooling and heating systems. Advanced Temperture Forcing Systems: -60°C to 225°C. Recirculating Chillers Standard Type, Temperature stability ±0.1 °C. Military air conditioning, liquid heat exchanger systems. Qualified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016.

Kiryat Bialik
Elmo Motion Control - (972).3.9292300

High-reliability digital servo drives and motion controllers for DC-brush and brushless motors. Composer: Windows software for operation of motion control systems using ELMO's digital amplifiers with CANopen interface.

Petah Tikva
Mega Fabs - (972).4.9891050

Software programmable DSP based motion control products for highest quality automated systems. Applications include semiconductor manufacturing equipment, electronic testing and inspection stations, imaging systems and printing machinery.

Munters Israel - (972).3.9206200

Development and production of climate control and management systems for poultry, hog and greenhouse industries. Rotem Supervisor, top of the line greenhouse irrigation controller.

Petah Tikva
Nanomotion - (972).4.9590862

Electronic motors without moving parts and magnetic fields, based on reversed Piezo-ceramic technology. Applications include: Microscopes, inspection machines, plotters, robotics, magnetic and optical disk drives, cameras and automotive parts.

Stern Engineering - (972).8.9407233

Electronic faucets and flushing devices operated by infra-red sensors. Lavatory and wall-mounted electronic faucets. Electronic flush valves for urinals and toilets.

Nes Ziona
Wearable Devices - (972).Mudra Inspire wristband and API grants access to development of new applications for control of digital devices and to monitor hand and body activity. Mudra Band is an accessory band for the Apple Watch which allows touchless operation and control of the watch and the iPhone.

Wearable Devices

Yaskawa - (972).73.2400800

High-precision AC servo drivers for motion control zero settling time and small tracking error. Applications include wafer and chip handling machines, wafer inspection, wire bonding, chip testing, laser cutting, display inspection machines.

Rosh Ha'ayin