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ASOCS - (972).3.9012090

Developer of processors for C-RAN, multi-communication mobile devices, machine to machine (M2M) and the first responders homeland security markets. ModemX architecture many-core heterogeneous platform targeted for implementation of wireless protocols.

Rosh Ha'ayin
AeroScout - (972).8.9363136

RF and baseband patent-pending distance measurement (DM) and location finding technology that can be embedded in Bluetooth integrated circuit (IC) for cellular phones, mobile and desktop PCs, and PDA's. DM between two bluetooth devices with 1m accuracy.

Airspan Networks - (972).3.9777444

4G Broadband wireless product range includes macro, pico and micro 4G base stations, indoor and outdoor user devices and network products. Products integrate Broadband wireless access, Wi-Fi, backhaul and VoIP technologies. Acquired Arelnet.

Airport City
Amimon - (972).9.9629222

Patented technology enables instantaneous transmission of uncompressed video across a wireless link. Video of surgery using CONNEX HD and UHD wireless video links between the OR camera and displays with zero-latency (1 ms). FDA certified, and CE approved.

Amited - (972).50.6341995

Thermal solutions for the mobile cellphone industry, consumer mobile tablets and military communication devices. Optimal - thermal protection case for smartphones.

Cardo Systems - (972).3.5623310

Manufacturer of Bluetooth allways headsets and adapters. Universal Bluetooth Adapter plugs in to the audio jack of standard cell phone and provides hands-free Bluetooth communications.

Tel Aviv
Celeno Wireless Communications - (972).9.7454646

Manufacterer of 802.11ac chips for Wi-Fi. Quicksilver Cloud Radio Resource Management (RRM) for centralized network optimization. OptimizAIR Software defined Wi-Fi virtual networks (SSIDs).

Ceragon Networks - (972).3.6455733

High-capacity broadband wireless systems for next generation networks. FibeAir product family provides seamless networking over multiple transport protocols, including IP, SONET/SDH, ATM and Fast Ethernet.

Tel Aviv
Code-Red - (972).2.6423401

AirMarshal command and control software for wireless networks; supports 802.11 compatible access point from any vendor. Wireless endpoint security software for corporate laptop computers. AirBlock command line scripting for wireless client configuration.

Flash Networks - (972).9.9580666

NettGain - a portfolio of technologies that dramatically increase the speed of wireless connectivity for use by data services providers (ISPs, ASPs) and enterprises with satellite and cellular networks as the delivery vehicle.

Flex - (972).3.7672700

Wireless solutions for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi products. Bluetooth application processor platform for Bluetooth devices and accessories, such as printers, digital cameras, telecom and networking applications.

Petah Tikva
INTERLLIGENT - RF & Microwave Solutions - (972).3.5160763

RF and Microwave Training center. RF and Microwave test equipment trading center. RF and Microwave chain design services as well as consulting and testing services.

Tel Aviv
MTI Wireless Edge - (972).3.9025050

Flat panel antenna manufacture and design. Broadband antenna systems for communications, COMJAM, ESM, ECM, Sigint (Comint, Elint), and UAV applications. Conform to ETSI, FCC, MPT, BAPT and DTI standards. Wireless Local Loop (WLL). Point-to-Multipoint.

Rosh Ha'ayin Communication - (972).9.7667333

Plus (Power Line Ultimate System) product line enables power utilities to offer their customers high-speed telecommunication services over existing power lines. Applications include Internet, telephony, AMR (automatic meter reading), home automation.

Kfar Saba
Maxtech Networks - (972).8.9327606

Infrastructure-independent and infrastructure-expanding wireless communication solution for mobile users. Maxtech's mesh technology ensures high quality voice and data exchange. Technology allows teams in remote locations to communicate over VHF/UHF, Tetra or APCO 25 networks. Data services and VoIP calling in scenarios where smartphones are not under mobile broadband or WiFi access point coverage.

PacketLight Networks - (972).3.6475000

Storage and GbE transport system for the Metro access. Optical equipment for storage transport over any type of network: SONET/SDH, WDM and IP/Ethernet infrastructure. DWDM/CWDM multiplexer.

Tel Aviv
Qualcomm Israel - (972).4.8506506

Research and development of advanced communication systems and products. Developer of CDMA technology for digital wireless communications.

Raddion - (972).54.8811048

Microwave high frequency designs for telecom, satcom, military and biomedical industires. Testing services to support R&D, production and verification of new designs.

Tel Aviv
Radwin - (972).3.7662900

RADWIN provides wireless Point-to-Point (PtP), PtMP, and broadband mobility solutions, powering applications including backhaul, broadband access, private network connectivity, and video surveillance transmission. Wireless broadband in motion for trains, vehicles, and vessels.

Tel Aviv
Runcom Technologies - (972).3.9428888

Platform for content-rich interactivity between TV broadcasters and subscribers. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) System-On-Chip and Base Station System-On-Board solutions for mobile wireless MAN, DVB-RCT and BWA environments.

Rishon Lezion