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DirectoryCIESINCenter for International Earth Science Information Network
DirectoryEnviroLink - online environmental resources
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DirectoryKDDGERM Partition Coefficient (Kd) Database for all types of rocks and minerals
DirectoryGeoNetwork - Interactive Maps, GIS datasets, satellite imagery and related applications
DirectoryGeoScienceWorld - database of peer-reviewed journals and integrated with GeoRef
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DirectorySoils of Arid Regions of Israel
DirectoryU.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Envirofacts Warehouse of Information from EPA databases on air, chemicals, facility information, Grants/Funding, hazardous waste, risk management plans, toxic releases, and water permits.
DirectoryWest's Geology Directory
DirectoryWorld Map Collection at University of Texas Library
DirectoryWorld Resources Institute maps, charts, data sets, infographics, and other visual resources
EarthquakesEMSCEuropean-Mediterranean Seismological Center - Map of Recent Earthquakes
EarthquakesLargest earthquakes in the last 30 days
EarthquakesUSGS Earthquake Hazards Program
EarthquakesUSGS Global map of plate boundaries and recent earthquakes
EarthquakesWorldwide earthquakes with M4.0+
GlossaryGIS Dictionary
GlossaryHebrew-English glossary of terms used in the energy industry
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ImagesGoogle Earth satellite imagery, maps and geographic information
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LawsElectronic Waste Law
PicturesGeology of Israel in Pictures
ReferenceCCKPClimate Change Knowledge Portal
ReferenceGlobal Health Observatory Country Profile: Israel
ReferenceGlobal Map data archives
ReferenceGlobal Volcanism Program database
ReferenceGlobal database of glacierized volcanoes
ReferenceICOADSInternational Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set
ReferenceLatest Earthquakes in the World
ReferenceMean Sea Level
ReferenceOcean Surface Topography from Space
ReferencePSMSLPermanent Service for Mean Sea Level
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