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Brodmann17 - (972).

Solution with state-of-the-art accuracy for dashcams using low-power commodity processors based on patented deep learning neural networks. Brodmann17 software runs on common SoCs such as Ambarella and Qualcomm, at a fraction of the power compared with standard AI. AI (artificial intelligence) driver assistance software for video telematics service providers. The software runs in road-facing cameras with visibility and context that only video can provide, such as vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, lanes, traffic signs and lights.

Tel Aviv
MobilEye Vision Technologies - (972).2.5417333

EyeQ vision-system-on an ASIC chip for autonomous vehicles. AWS (Advance Warning System) vision system for driver assistance. Applications: Lane Departure Warning (LDW), pedestrian recognition, adaptive headlight control, traffic sign recognition.

Phantom Auto - (972).

Remote operation for unmanned and autonomous vehicles to enhance safety, productivity, and operational uptime. Vehicle-agnostic software integrates with all types of vehicles to drive multi-fleet efficiencies. Used in unmanned forklifts, autonomous delivery robots.

Tel Aviv