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Ayalon Highway – (972).3.6931212

Freeway from Holon to Herzliya. The web site shows the speed of traffic flow on the highway.

Tel Aviv
Cross Israel Highway – (972).3.6255888

Cross Israel Highway Ltd was established by the government of Israel in 1993 to promote the construction of Highway 6. It also functions as the implementing authority for Carmel Tunnels,

Tel Aviv
Cross Israel Highway North – (972).*6102

Northern section of cross-Israel Highway 6 starting at Yokneam.

Cross-Israel Highway 6 Management – (972).3.9081111

North to South cross-Israel Highway 6 toll road management.

Rosh Ha'ayin
Intelligent Traffic Control ITC – (972).77.6021160

Measuring traffic, predicting congestion and mitigating it through manipulation of traffic lights, long before jams begin to form. Computer vision algorithm uses off-the-shelf cameras (already installed in numerous intersections) to obtain live traffic data. By dynamically altering traffic light programming, ITC can adjust the traffic flow through intersections to mitigate congestion in advance.

Israel National Roads Company – (972).3.7355444

Planning, development and maintenance of the interurban road infrastructure. Traffic management and safety control on interurban roads.

Or Yehuda
Shikun Binui – (972).3.6301600

Roads and infrastructure division of the company carries out a wide range of infrastructure and roads projects, including development and paving work on roads, interchanges, water, sewage, drainage systems. Formerly Solel Boneh.