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@ Avionics Companies - (972).

List of companies that manufacture Avionics systems for combat aircraft.

Elbit Systems - Kinetics - (972).3.9720200

Manufacturer of systems and components for Armored Fighting Vehicles, including: Suspensions, turret drives, NBC protection, air conditioning, engine and transmission components, braking and hydraulic systems.

Elisra Electronics Systems - (972).3.6175522

Airborne self protection Radar and Laser warning systems. EW suites for combat ships and submarines. ESM/ELINT systems for aircraft, ships and land-based vehicles. Maritime patrol aircraft suites. EW simulators and training systems.

Bnei Brak
ITL Optronics - (972).3.9277444

Night Vision systems for combat infantry. Fire control and target acquisition system for light weapons. Lightweight C4I system and software for infantry. MARS Multi purpose accurate weapon aiming sight. Weapon mounted RED (Visible) laser aiming light.

Petah Tikva
Netline Communications Technologies - (972).3.6068100

Programmable jammers for wireless and cellular communications and cellular phone smart detectors. C-Guard Low Power for indoors coverage. High Power jammer to block large outdoor areas. Very High Power (VHP) jamming any wireless communication device.

Tel Aviv
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems - (972).4.8794444

Design and manufacture of a wide range of high-tech defense systems for air, land, sea, space and home land security applications. Electro-optic systems, electronic systems, Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems.

Sim Squared - (972).54.4785056

Marine and Submarine simulation products based on PC desktops. Products cover training and technology demonstrator for UAV/ROV, flight, marine and rocket based simulations for a wide range of needs.

Tadiran Electronic Systems - (972).

Divisional Artillery Command and Control System (DACCS). Bombard, battalion C4I artillery system. Ballistic missile defense systems. Voice communication system for air force control centers, ships and headquarters. Ruggedized tactical remote receiver.

Zur I.T.C. - (972).3.9023355

Engineering and maintenance for old military electronic and communication equipment. Products include audio and public address system for command centers and for patrol boats. Labsys evaluation and development system for embedded computers.

Rosh Ha'ayin