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Mofet Etzion - (972).2.9935326

LIBA Armor, protection from IED (improvised explosive devices) and land mines; used in Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) of Marine Corps, Pandur. Personal body armor panels. Soft and hard body armor vests based on ceramic materials.

Kfar Etzion
OSG Group - (972).2.5706100

Development and supply of glass-based solutions for transportation, defense and security, and for a broad range of special applications. Bulletproof and blast-resistant glass products. Design and manufacture of weather-resistant, high-endurance transparent protection solutions for all types of watercraft.

Kibbutz Zova
Top Car Armoring - (972).8.6496192

Armoring minivans and converting vehicles into cash and valuables carriers. Fire-fighting truck. Mobile Protection Device (MPD).