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Agilite - (972).3.6499459

Manufacturer of protective equipment and personal military supplies for the Israel army, police, security forces, and other international armies. Military gear and camping equipment, sleeping bags, flight jackets, tents and other IDF equipment.

Lehavot - (972).4.6905020

Development and manufacture of fire protection and suppression systems for the military, industrial and commercial sectors. Fire extinguishers and accessories. Water mist fire suppression technology.

Lehavot HaBashan
Lior Textile Industries - (972).4.9808815

Designer and manufacturer of tactical and protective vests. Anti-Riot suit designed to protect the public safety officers. Military multi-mission back packs.

Milper - (972).73.2311000

Design and manufacture of ruggedized equipment for use under severe environment, using commercial electronic products, such as computers and peripherals (disks, printers, modems). Qualified to ISO 9001 and designed according to Military standards.

Petah Tikva
Polaris Solutions - (972).54.7557420

Signature management and tactical textiles. Design and manufacture of camouflage and concealment systems. Combat personnel and vehicle camouflage. Product lines under RAJUGA and VATEC brands. Wide variety of gears and practical equipment for military and backpacking designed by experts in ergonomics, ensuring maximum freedom of movement, comfort, and durability.

Givat Haim