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Elbit Naval Systems - (972).

Combat Management Systems (CMS), submarine electronic warfare systems, shipboard decoy countermeasure launching systems, tactical trainers. Satellite communication systems. Deseaver – a Decoy Control and Launching System. CoMPASS – a compact, multipurpose advanced stabilized system. Silver Marlin – an unmanned surface vessel.

Israel Shipyards - (972).4.8460246

Ship Design, ship repair and renovation of vessels. Design and manufacture of navy vessels. SAAR Class Fast-Attack Vessel. Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) loaded with the firepower of larger Naval vessels at less cost. Methodical training of vessel crews by retired Israeli Navy officers.

dsIT Technologies - (972).3.5313333

Naval sonar and acoustics-related projects for foreign navies. Harbor Surveillance System, Diver Detection Sonar, Mobile Acoustic Range, Generic Sonar Simulator, Underwater Acoustic Signal Analysis system (UASA).

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