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Algotec - (972).9.7482442

ImagiNet - Web based medical image management, storage, 2D and 3D processing and distribution system. Teleradiology, telemedicine. Applications: volume-rendering for visualization of 3D structures using CT or MR data, angiography, vessel tracking.

BioView - (972).73.2271025

Automated cell imaging and analysis solutions for use in cytology, cytogenetic, pathology clinical and research laboratories. Applications: Bone marrow transplantation, multiple myeloma, stem cell analysis, interphase FISH analysis, metaphase finder.

G.I. View - (972).3.6111818

Miniature, self-propelling, self-navigating, disposable camera for colonoscopy screening. Colon inspection system includes a workstation that processes data from the digital camera and reconstructs picture of the entire colonic mucosa.

Itero - (972).3.6341441

3D information services to dental offices and laboratories. OrthoCAD 3D: digital orthodontic models with the "look and feel" of plaster models. Electronic Impression Device: intra-oral scanner for generating crown/bridge using CAD/CAM technology.

Or Yehuda
Medivision Medical Imaging - (972).4.9894884

MediVision develops, manufactures and markets high-tech electro-optical products in the field of medical imaging.

Optical Imaging - (972).8.9463259

Retinal Function Imager (RFI): non-invasive ophthalmic imaging system that maps the retina providing Blood Flow Velocity Analysis, Capillary Perfusion Map, Multi-spectral Imaging for Qualitative Retinal Oximetry and Metabolic Functional Imaging.

Spectrum Dynamics - (972).4.8580774

BroadView, functional imaging technology, accessories and applications to detect abnormalities with higher sensitivity than SPECT. D-SPECT Cardiac Scanner, rapid functional myocardial perfusion imaging. Cardiac-CT Scanner-Functional imaging at CT speeds.

Tirat Hacarmel