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Directory of manufacturers of medical instruments.

CogniFit - (972).4.6412120

Development of applications which assess, train and enhance cognitive and psychomotor abilities. DriveFit - designed to train and enhance driving skills and performance.

Nazareth Illit
Compugen - (972).3.7658585

Bioinformatics software tools for analysis of genomic and protein sequences to extract useful information from genomic and protein data.

Tel Aviv
Genome Compiler - (972).

Software platform for editing whole genomes with a user friendly interface.

Tel Aviv
NeuroTrax - (972).72.2201180

MindStreams software for assessment of cognitive functions including memory, problem solving, visual spatial processing, motor skills. Tests for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson's Disease.

Optimata - (972).3.7519226

Virtual Patient Engine. Simulation software for optimizing drug treatment protocols. Technology useful for dosage determination during clinical trials.

PeriGen - (972).3.9059919

Fetal surveillance systems employing patented, pattern-recognition and obstetrics technologies. Visual Cueing provides an instant view of the mother's and baby's current status and trends over time.

Rishon Lezion
Rcadia Medical Imaging - (972).4.8511024

Image processing software for blood vessel analysis in patients with suspected cardiovascular disease. COR Analyzer: real-time analysis of Coronary CT angiography (cCTA). Produces 3D images of coronary arteries for detecting coronary artery disease.

Roshtov Software - (972).8.6499466

Clicks: Health care information system solutions for healthcare providers and medical facilities.

Simbionix - (972).3.9114444

Development of training simulators, for Minimal Invasive Therapy (MIT) applications. GI-Mentor - an interactive computerized simulator designed to provide medical experts with hands-on training for endoscopic procedures.

Airport City
SofTov Medical Systems - (972).3.9230686

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMs). AutoLab handles all steps of test processing: sampling, data distribution, requisition tracking, divert requests to analyzers, etc. Covers microbiology, pathology, blood bank and other laboratories.

Petah Tikva
SoftQuest Systems - (972).8.9493944

Sub-contracting services for software development of medical devices. Software validation, risk management and Software Quality Assurance (SQA). The job includes preparing, monitoring and auditing software groups for FDA, CE, IEC 62304 and IEC 14971.

Software Associates - (972).8.9701485

Software security assessment of medical device and electronic healthcare products. Compliance with HIPAA and prevention of disclosure of electronic protected health information (EPHI). Security of Web applications used to manage networked medical devices.

Sparta Systems - (972).9.9706000

TrackWise Quality Management software for cGxP issues in FDA-regulated companies. Tracking applications include management of Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA), customer complaints, audits and observations, regulatory commitments.

Speech Therapy Systems - (972).2.6260666

Dr. Fluency - Software for speech therapy that incorporates multimedia, animation and computer technology to create a user friendly therapy environment for people who stutter.

Synergix - (972).2.6480396

Drug discovery services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies including: Kinase focused libraries, Mimicry and Copy, classical structure-based drug design and lead optimization. Molecular Conceptor course for molecular modeling and drug design.

dsIT Technologies - (972).3.5313333

OncoPro software system for management of complex chemotherapy protocol planning, implementation, analysis and assessment in guidelines-based pediatric adult cancer care in oncology and hematology departments in a range of medical settings.

Givat Shmuel
iMDsoft - (972).3.7682888

MetaVision - Graphical intensive care unit patient information system for data collection, management and storage. MetaVision helps the ICU work in a more organized, secure, modern and paperless work environment.

Tel Aviv