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@ Agricultural technology – (972).

Directory of companies that specialize in air conditioning systems for agricultural uses.

Aura Air – (972).

Aura Air. Air purification technology for cleaning and disinfecting indoor air and monitoring its quality in real-time. EPA-approved Sterionizer and Ray Filter, as well as UVC LEDs to target and disinfect indoor air from bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, odors and more.

Tel Aviv
Auto Cool – (972).3.9342080

Customized air conditioning system for private cars, commercial vehicles and trucks. Special vehicle operation dedicated to developing A.C. systems for military use and other specialized purposes.

Petah Tikva
TAT Technologies – (972).8.8628500

Design and manufacture and R&D of environmental control systems, cooling systems, heat transfer equipment, heat exchangers, oil coolers, precoolers, cold plates, cold walls and brazed assemblies.