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Amiad Filtration Systems – (972).4.6909500

Water filtration equipment. Plastic and steel self-cleaning automatic filters. Media filtration systems including sand, gravel and multi-media filters. Filtration systems for irrigation, industry and domestic use. Potable and affluent water treatment.

Arad Technologies – (972).4.9935222

Manufacture of high quality meters, automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems. Wireless, automatic meter reading data networks. Products include residential water meters, bulk meters and special meters for the agricultural markets.

Arrow Ecology – (972).3.7576900

Environmental consulting, maintenance of industrial and municipal sewage systems and treatment plants, treatment of hazardous waste, solid and liquid waste transportation.

Tel Aviv
Dorot – (972).8.6808900

Automatic control valves. Diaphragm and hydraulic valves. Pressure and flow rate control valves to control water level in tanks and reservoirs to prevent overflow and draining. Fire protection valve for fire extinguishing systems.

E.P.C. – (972).9.8826464

Environment Protection Company (EPC). Wastewater treatment plants and equipment. Bio-Robi system utilizes a unique purification process for domestic sewage and can handle up to 1000 gallons per day.

Shaar Heffer
Fluence Corporation – (972).4.9883311

Reverse osmosis systems for desalination and demineralization. Sea water and brackish water desalination plants. Mobile and autonomous purification systems. Membrane separation systems. Ion exchangers. Chemical-physical effluent treatment plants.

IDE Technologies – (972).9.8929777

Design and operation of plants for saline water desalination, effluent concentration and purification of industrial streams and water treatment. Specializing in low temperature thermal distillation, reverse osmosis, heavy duty evaporators.

Mekorot – (972).3.6230555

Israel National Water Company.

Tel Aviv
Odis Filtering – (972).3.9258500

WastePoint: Municipal waste water treatment plant. Compact drinking water treatment plant. GreenPoint: Recycling of Leachate in Greenhouses. MultiFlow. Car-wash waste-water recycling system. Membranal biological reactor. Self Cleaning Screen Filters.

Petah Tikva
Saisanket Enterprises – (972).72.2409800

Linear Flow Linear Control (LFLC) valves for water works industry, fueling, treated water and salty water. Flow control valves, pump valves, reservoir valves, on-off valves, pressure reducing and pressure sustaining valves.

Rosh Pina
Soapy – (972).54.2663533

Cost-effective and accessible to all hygiene station with a 24/7 flow of clean water and smart disinfectant distribution system.

Tel Aviv
Strauss Water – (972).3.5387685

Manufacturing and development of water treatment units (mainly for drinking water) and cooling systems. Specializes in use of ultraviolet (UV) technology for water purification.

Netiv Halamed Hei
Tahal - Water Planning for Israel – (972).3.6924635

Water resources development and management. Planning and design of water supply systems. Wastewater systems.

Or Yehuda
Treatment Chemicals and Filtering Systems – (972).3.6047284

Reverse osmosis installation for desalination of sea and brackish water to obtain drinking and industrial water. Denitrification. Chemical effluent treatment for metal shops, battery plants. Solenoid driven dosing pumps. Sand and anthracite filters.

Tel Aviv
Watergen – (972).03.9416861

Development and implementation of water-from-air solutions based on patented GENius technology. Water generators in a range of sizes to suit cities, villages, commercial centers, schools, hospitals, offices, residential buildings, private homes and more. They all produce safe, clean and fresh-tasting drinking water, improving the quality of life, and even saving the lives, of potentially billions of people around the world.

Petah Tikva
Yamit Filtration – (972).4.6220006

Manufacturer of water filtration systems for filtering surface and underground water, seawater and wastewater in the most challenging environments such as seawater desalination plants, petrochemical plants, oil drilling platforms, coal mines, steel mills and municipal drinking and wastewater treatment plants and irrigation. Yamit filters protect the systems by removing solids that may clog the water passages or that contaminate the water and reduce its quality.