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Aviv Recycling – (972).1.800.662066

Company produces high value clean PET flakes from recycled plastic bottles. The flakes are used for the production of packaging products, strapping and fibers. Plastic bottles are collected in special containers in municipalities.

ELA – (972).1.700.700310

Agency that manages recycling of disposable drink containers such as plastic bottles and cans with refundable mandatory deposit payment.

Ecology Services – (972).8.8601353

Industrial hazardous waste treatment. Organic and inorganic sludge treatment. Chemical analysis, transport and interim storage of hazardous materials. Operation under the ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 guidelines.

Beer Tuvia
Ecommunity – (972).3.6704568

Social Corporation for the Recycling of Electronic Waste. Company employs individuals with special needs for the handling of electronic waste.

Petah Tikva
Ecozone Technologies – (972).9.8912445

ActivO ozone generator and ozone removal systems to remove odors from large rooms contaminated by odors such as tobacco smoke. Ozone generators use double dielectric barrier discharge technology. Non-thermal plasma air pollution control technology.

Environmental Services Company – (972).8.6503700

Hazardous waste recycling plant. Laboratory services, air monitoring and sample analysis, calibration of monitoring instruments, counseling on packaging and transportation of hazardous waste, survey tests of contaminated soil.

Envitech - Environmental Data Management Systems – (972).3.5731944

ENVIEW - central software system for real time meteorological and environmental quality monitoring based on SQL Server. Data acquisition and communication in real time via telephone lines.

K.M.M. Recycling Industries – (972).3.9566677

Collection and recycling of all types of waste paper.

Rishon Lezion
Negev Ecology – (972).8.9911556

Recycling, collection and transportation of various waste. Separation systems management and waste removal consulting to factories. Management and operation of landfill sites. Sludge treatment.

Tabib – (972).3.9309670

Toxic waste treatment and disposal company. Water waste treatment and recycling. Medical and biological waste disposal. Solvent recycling and reclamation of solvents by refining for reuse in industry. Hazardous transport. Evacuation of brine.

Petah Tikva
Veridis – (972).9.9520000

Services for managing all phases of waste management: from collection and transportation, through separation, sorting, and recycling, to safe and effective disposal. The company applies advanced technologies to utilize waste in producing recycled raw materials and renewable energies.