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@ Remote tracking - (972).

Directory of telecommunication companies.

AtlasCT - Atlas Cartographic Technologies - (972).3.6124535

Developer of worldwide mapping solutions. AtlasNET - mapping server that provides mapping capabilities via internet. AtlasCONTROL - ActiveX control that offers mapping capabilities for Windows-based ERP systems developers.

Carta - (972).2.6783355

Israel map publishing company.

Orgad Maps - (972).3.6242817

Publisher of a wide selection of maps of Israel and the world in Hebrew and English.

Tel Aviv
Simplex Mapping - (972).72.2555234

World's highest resolution 3D model on a city scale generated using a unique sweeping camera system. Dual camera system (6kg) can be installed on any aircraft, either with a hatch or with STC approved pod. With sweeping ability, the system can collect nadir images as well as oblique in a single pass. The final production in-house with a team of geo-Information and remote sensing experts monitoring the operation. Used in urban planning, telecom 5G planning, municipal infrastructure.

Systematics - (972).3.7660111

Online street maps of Israel. Local distributor of ESRI GIS and mapping software.

Tel Aviv
Tiltan - (972).3.5780711

3D terrain databases with real-world geo-specific textures. Automated classification of space and aerial photography with automated extraction of DEM/DTM in urban areas.

Bnei Brak
VisionMap - (972).3.6091042

A3 digital automatic aerial survey and mapping system includes a digital metric aerial camera and an automatic ground processing system. Orthophoto, DTM, Super Large Frames (SLF) for stereo mapping and accurate Vertical and Oblique imagery.

Tel Aviv