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Chromagen - (972).4.9538888

Manufacturer of solar heating systems for domestic and industrial sectors. Solar collectors, storage tanks. Photovoltaic systems for security fences, street lighting, communications, agriculture. Solar energy for hot water supply.

Shaar Ha'amakim
Eco Wave Power - (972).3.5094017

Planning, building and marketing of power stations, producing power from sea waves. Proprietary technology for production of electricity through "harvesting" sea wave motion.

Tel Aviv
Kitor Steam boilers - (972).9.7455382

Experts in industrial steam-boilers. Conversion to natural gas.

Sde Warburg
Magen eco-Energy - (972).8.9983201

Manufacturer of all plastic solar collector, used mainly as a swimming pool water heater and as pre-heating systems for industrial and domestic hot water supply.

Millennium Electric - (972).9.7439490

Solar energy power stations. Photo-voltaic systems. Applications include isolated rural areas, street lighting, computerized irrigation, communications, etc.

Nimrod - (972).3.9615333

Manufacturer of solar and electric water heaters, tank collectors. Galvanized seamless steel pipes resistant to rust. Tempered solar glass panels. Water heaters with internal enamel coating to prevent corrosion.

Rishon Lezion
SolarEdge - (972).9.9576620

Distributed DC systems that maximize power generation of residential and large-scale PV sites. System employs SolarEdge power optimizer, a highly reliable DC-AC PV inverter and a web-based application for module-level system-wide monitoring.