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Carmex Precision Tools – (972).4.9973601

Manufacturer of precision threading tools, thread-milling tools, grooving tools, small boring tools. Carbide tools per customer's drawings. Whit and partial profiles, acme, trapez, round, NPT, BSPT, API-oil, AM-buttress, sage, tool holders.

Chromat – (972).3.5590195

Heat treatment and brazing services for stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel alloys. Hardening and tempering under endothermic atmosphere. Vacuum hardening. Induction hardening. Vacuum brazing. Salt bath mar-tempering. Metal annealing.

Dead Sea Magnesium – (972).8.6465638

Production of magnesium based on electrolytic decomposition of carnallite (KCl.MgCl2.6H2O). Magnesium ingot for aluminum alloying. Magnesium slab for desulfurization. Mg casting alloy for die casting.

Elkayam Metal Industries – (972).2.9916136

Manufacturer of concrete production plants, quarry equipment, conveying systems and steel constructions. Vibrating screens. Sludge treatment systems. Concrete recycling plants. Dust separation systems.

Beit Shemesh
High-Tech Mechanics – (972).2.6793368

Machining, milling and turning services for applications in medical, laser, fiber optics and communication industries. Reverse engineering of machine parts. Materials used include aluminum, steel, plastic. Surface treatment plating, painting.

InterTool Machine-Tools – (972).4.6227801

Tool and cutter grinding machines. CNC milling and profiling machines. CNC Grinder with software modules for calculating variable lead of conical tools.

Beit Itzhak
Iscar – (972).4.9970311

Manufacturer of precision carbide metal working tools, producing a wide range of carbide inserts, carbide end mills and cutting tools for metal cutting applications.

Magma Magnets – (972).4.6753620

Permanent ferrite magnets for AC and DC motors for the automotive and household industries. Arc and cylindrical shape magnets, small and medium blocks and rings. Rare earth magnets (NdFeB and SmCo) and Alnico magnets with high resistance to corrosion.

Metal-Tech – (972).8.6572333

Recycling of heavy metal powders from electronic waste, batteries, metal sludge and scrap. Manufacturer of ceramic powders, high-purity metals and metal powder alloys such as tungsten carbide, cobalt oxides, tantalum, tungsten alloys, copper sulfates.

Middle East Tube Industries – (972).8.9274333

Manufacturer of steel pipes for water, sewage, oil and gas and structural pipes used in construction. Galvanization plant. Pipes for transporting drinking water.

Noga Engineering – (972).4.9808080

Machinist hand tools for metal working, plastic and plumbing industries. Deburring equipment: Swivel, Scraper, Countersink and Chamfer. Cooling systems for cooling and lubricating during machining, turning, drilling etc.

Numinor Chemical Industries – (972).4.9978220

Leading recycler of zinc in the Middle East. Manufacturer of zinc oxide, zinc ingots, zinc powder and other zinc related compounds.

ORTAL Magnesium Diecasting – (972).4.6063300

Supplier of premier aluminum and magnesium high-pressure die cast (HPDC) products for the automotive industry. Zinc and Magnesium die-casting plant. Design, complete development of prototypes and J.I.T supply. The group includes Ortal Diecasting.

Neve Ur
Quikcoup – (972).4.6914222

Cast iron products. Quikcoup grooved couplings and fittings, hole-cut and threaded components for automatic sprinkler systems (fire protection), HAVC services, industrial, plumbing and cold or hot water piping installations. Cast iron pipe fittings.

Rosh Pina
YAAF – (972).8.9431857

Metalworking (CNC) services. Prototypes and production of parts according to drawings using milling, turning etc. from a variety of raw materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic (polycarbonate, delrin, teflon, laxan and others), kovar, brass, bronze.