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Chemical Companies – Oils, petroleum
Company - Telephone
Products, Fields of specialty
Bazan Group – (972).4.8788111

Crude oil refinery. Petroleum products: liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, bitumen, paraffin.

Delek – (972).9.8638588

Israel's second-largest number of gasoline stations (215). Manufacturer of petroleum derivatives. Partner with Esso Petroleum.

Delkol – (972).8.9270801

Manufacturer and importer of oils for the automotive industry.

Gadiv Petrochemical Industries – (972).4.8788020

Producer of aromatics, aliphatic solvents and intermediates, for the chemical, plastics, food and pharmaceutical industries. Products include benzene, toluene, xylene, Solvent Naphtha-100, hexane, heptane, rubber solvent, lacquer diluent, succinic acid.

National Coal Supply Corporation – (972).3.6257000

A sister company of the Israel Electric Corporation that is responsible for the import of coal for use in power plants.

Tel Aviv
Paz Lubricants & Chemicals – (972).04.8352020

Largest petroleum oil company in Israel. Automotive oils, diesel oils, coolants, lubricants, hydraulic oils. Solvents (mineral, aromatic, non-aromatic). Industrial lubricants: turbine oils, vacuum pump oils, greases. Metal cutting oils.

Paz Oil Company – (972).1.800.774774

Company has 257 gasoline fueling stations across the country. Pazomat automatic refueling device installed in vehicle fleets.

Sonol – (972).9.8637757

Distributor of refined petroleum products, lubricants, greases and related products.