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Products, Fields of specialty
Alon Oil Company - (972).9.9618500

Alon-Dor fuel company has over 350 operating stations around Israel with a 20% share of the local petroleum market.

Delek - (972).9.8638588

Israel's second-largest number of gasoline stations (215). Manufacturer of petroleum derivatives. Partner with Esso Petroleum.

Delkol - (972).8.9270801

Manufacturer and importer of oils for the automotive industry.

Gadiv Petrochemical Industries - (972).4.8788020

Producer of aromatics, aliphatic solvents and intermediates, for the chemical, plastics, food and pharmaceutical industries. Products include benzene, toluene, xylene, Solvent Naphtha-100, hexane, heptane, rubber solvent, lacquer diluent, succinic acid.

Haifa Basic Oils & Waxes - (972).4.8788637

Manufacturer of various grades of base oils, and paraffin wax for the candle industry, packaging and paper industries, wood and rubber industry. Aromatic oils. Laboratory services for wax and oil.

National Coal Supply Corporation - (972).3.6257000

A sister company of the Israel Electric Corporation that is responsible for the import of coal for use in power plants.

Tel Aviv
Oil Refineries - (972).

Crude oil refinery. Petroleum products: liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, bitumen, paraffin.

Paz Lubricants & Chemicals - (972).04.8352020

Largest petroleum oil company in Israel. Automotive oils, diesel oils, coolants, lubricants, hydraulic oils. Solvents (mineral, aromatic, non-aromatic). Industrial lubricants: turbine oils, vacuum pump oils, greases. Metal cutting oils.

Paz Oil Company - (972).1.800.774774

Company has 257 gasoline fueling stations across the country. Pazomat automatic refueling device installed in vehicle fleets.

PetroMetriX - (972).4.6441808

Process analyzers based on Near Infrared (NIR) technology for the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

Migdal HaEmek
Pi-Gliloth - (972).3.6462333

Petroleum distillates storage in 4 terminals. Distribution of petroleum distillates by subterranean pipelines. Products include transport and heating diesel fuel, all types of gasoline, kerosene and jet fuel.

Sonol - (972).9.8637757

Distributor of refined petroleum products, lubricants, greases and related products.