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Chemical Companies – Paints
Company - Telephone
Products, Fields of specialty
Denber Paints and Coatings Israel – (972).8.9960794

Polymer based paints, oil paints, epoxy paints, polyurethane paints, nitro paints and melamine paints for interior painting and exterior coating of buildings, roads, ships, swimming pools.

Epolac – (972).4.8419472

Paints, lacquers, polyurethane and epoxy coatings for steel and concrete structures and water pipes. Solventless epoxy, epoxy vinyl-ester for protection against corrosive agents. Silicon coatings.

Nirlat – (972).8.9986302

Manufacturer of acrylic sealants, silicones, water and solvent-based paints, finishers, interior and exterior coatings, adhesives, additives and powders. Environmentally-friendly building products.

Nir Oz
Tambour – (972).1.800.321321

Leader in the Israeli paint industry. Decorative paints and industrial paints and coatings.