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Amraz - (972).3.9612436

Manufacturer of plastics packages, P.E.T. preforms and bottles, caps and closures for soft drinks, dairy, foods, cosmetics, chemicals and electrical appliances. In-Mold Labeling (IML) by label injection molding system. Multi-colored "striped" foils.

Rishon Lezion
Carmel Olefins - (972).4.8457371

Manufacturer of polyolefins, ethylene, low density polyethylene, carmelstat, polypropylene and polystyrene. Uses include production of films for agriculture, packaging irrigation pipes, sanitary pipes and fittings, toys, injection molded articles.

Duram Rubber Products - (972).9.7474458

High quality technical rubber parts: O-rings for use in drinking water systems; picking fingers for pickers in agriculture; Rubber slings for the automotive market; gaskets, seals, and machetes for sanitary equipment; PVC pipe lines; irrigation systems.

Ramat Hakovesh
EREZ Thermoplastic Products - (972).8.6801200

Tarpaulins, grain covers, truck covers, dock shelters. Inflatable boats and rafts, marine safety life preservers. Special membranes for air supported domes and tension structures. Membranes used for roofing, sealing and lining reservoirs, ponds and pools.

Ein Shemer Rubber Industries - (972).4.6371037

Wide range of rubber profiles. Water hoses, air hoses, welding hoses, fuel hoses, solvent hoses, hydraulic hoses, refrigerant gas charging hoses. Tire retreading materials. custom-designed products with CR (Neoprene), EPDM, Viton, SBR, NBR and silicon.

Ein Shemer
Fibertech - (972).9.7929441

Manufacturer of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) fiberglass pipes. Pipes and fittings in diameters from 300 mm to 3600 mm. Pipes for water distribution systems, waste water systems, submarine systems, cooling systems of power stations (sea water).

Karnei Shomron
Golan Plastic Products - (972).4.6677432

Pexgol pipes made of crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) for hot water under-floor central heating systems, municipal sewage systems, slurry (gypsum, sand, salt, phosphates, silts, potash) transport. Multygol - Multilayer composite piping system.

Shaar Hagolan
Hanita Coatings - (972).4.9859919

Coating, laminating and metalizing of polyester films. Sheet and roll form films for digital print presses. Filmic media for color copiers, laser and inkjet printers. Manufacturer of Solar and Security Window Films.

Kafrit Industries - (972).8.6809845

Producer of a wide range of Masterbatches and Compounds for the plastic industry. Extruded sheets, profiles, agriculture film, proprietary FR for transparent PC applications, flame retardants.

Levgum - (972).2.9962965

Novel rubber devulcanization technologies for rubber recycling. The process involves a dry chemical reaction that breaks down sulfur links across polymer chains in vulcanized rubber without heating. Devulcanized rubber can be reused.

Kiryat Arba
Nilit - (972).4.6544441

Production of nylon 66 fibers for the fashion industry and engineering thermoplastics. Fine and mid-denier yarns for hosiery, circular knitting and seamless knitting industries. Sensil brand of polyamide yarns for circular and seamless knitting.

Migdal HaEmek
Palgal Plastic Industries - (972).4.6531629

Manufacturing plastic extrusion products. Pipes for running water and waste water for household, industrial, and urban use. PALGAL Ducts system made from rigid PVC to hide and organize electric cables. Heating system for greenhouses and hothouses.

Palziv - (972).4.6062999

Cross-linked, closed-cell, polyethylene and synthetic rubber foams. Production of a wide variety of extruded and molded foamed materials, finished and semi-finished products for automotive, construction, air-conditioning and packaging industries.

Beit She'an
Plasgad Plastic Products - (972).4.6935485

Design and manufacture of stackable plastic containers, crates, pallets, pallet bins, boxes, trays, ventilated box and containers for storage and transportation in industry and agriculture. Anti-static (ESD) bins for electronics and printed circuits.

Plassim - (972).4.6598511

Manufacturer of piping for infrastructure, water supply, sewage, industry, telecommunications and building. Domestic sanitation and waste discharge systems. Compression fittings and couplings for PE pipes for water supply, agriculture and cables.

Polycad Industries - (972).9.9523701

Design and manufacture of plastic packaging for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Blow and injection molding and injection blow-molding techniques using PET, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and polycarbonate.

Polycart Technologies - (972).4.9858088

Designs and manufacture of heavy and light duty packaging for a wide range of applications. Trolly wheels, integral forklift legs. Vacuum forming. Rifle hand guard for M16 rifle. Rifle parts made of high impact, composite materials for long durability.

R.O.P. Ltd - (972).4.8302406

Manufacture of cast polypropylene film and BOPP bags. Polyethylene UV stabilized fences (Safe-T-Fences) for the DIY market; agricultural, residential, and construction sites.

Shalon Chemical Industries - (972).3.6291225

Manufacturer of protective systems against chemical warfare. Injection molding of plastic and rubber parts. Ultrasonic welding of plastic materials. Design and production of gas and aerosol filters, respiratory and body protective gear.

Tel Aviv
Supergum Industries - (972).3.9365692

Rubber, plastic and sealing products for industrial and military applications. NBC panoramic rubber mask. Protective suit against biological warfare agents. Filters and blower systems. Bulletproof vests for civilian, police and military use.

Tel Aviv
Terraflex - (972).4.6065110

Manufacturer of hoses and PVC compounds. Polyester braided PVC hoses for outdoors. Hose reels. Agricultural hoses resistant to pesticides. Shower hoses. PVC clear tubing. Gas hoses. PVC and EVA tubing. Suitable for high pressure applications.

Tosaf Compounds - (972).4.6420419

Masterbatches and compounds for the plastics industry. Masterbatches for the production of films and sheets for agriculture, BOPP, raffia tapes and fibers, foams, pipes, injection molding products. Color masterbatches for the plastics industry.