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@ Agrochemical companies - (972).

Directory of companies that manufacture chemicals for agricultural uses.

Aromor Flavors and Fragrances - (972).73.2607777

Aroma chemicals for the food, cosmetics and perfume industries. Nootkatone grapefruit flavor. Orange carbonyls. Ambermor, amber identical to product from whale's secretion. Aquamor, watermelon ketone. Gamma lactones. Cis Hexenyl esters. Dihydrojasmone.

Carmel Chemicals - (972).4.9549600

Thermoset urea and melamine molding compounds (urea formaldehyde and melamine formaldehyde - UF/MF) and melamine phenol molding compounds, in injection and compression grades.

Chemada Bromine Compounds - (972).8.9983421

Producer of chemicals for the pharmaceutical, photographic, cosmetic and agricultural Industries. Acyl bromides, 2-Bromo carboxylic acids, benzyl bromides, bromo aromatics, alkyl bromides, bromo acetophenones, bromo carboxylic acids.

Nir Itzhak
Daren Labs - (972).8.9402942

Research and consultation in materials chemistry, polymers, chemical synthesis and industrial processes. Thermal analysis, coatings, formulations, hydro gels, optical polymers.

Nes Ziona
Dead Sea Bromine Group - (972).8.6297222

World's largest producer of elemental bromine and bromine compounds for flame retardants, agrochemicals, biocides, industrial and fine chemicals. Methyl bromide fumigant. Clear brine oilfield drilling fluids.

Dead Sea Works - (972).8.6465111

Manufacturer of potash and a wide range of other products based on Dead Sea minerals: magnesium chloride, industrial salts, anhydrous aluminum chloride, de-icers, table salt and bath salts.

Dor Group - (972).4.8465000

Petrochemical raw materials for the pharmaceutical, plastics, wood, drugs and food industries. Paraformaldehyde, methanol, formaldehyde. Pure hydrogen gas for the food industry. Fordor disinfectant.

Frutarom - (972).4.8462462

Aroma chemicals, citrus specialties, flavors, "botanicare" standardized extracts, sunscreen agents, botanical extracts, water soluble gums, emulsifiers, stabilizers, laboratory chemicals.

ICL - (972).3.6844401

Manufacture and development of fertilizers, bromine and bromine compounds, specialty chemicals, magnesium metal, and related products. ICL accounts for 35% of world bromine production, 9% of world potash production, 5% of international phosphate trade.

Tel Aviv
ICL Fertilizers - (972).8.6465129

A range of products for upgrading essential plant nutrients including potash, phosphoric acid, Potassium, Magnesium and Sulfur, combined with micronutrients and applied directly, through irrigation systems or by spraying plant foliage.

ICL Industrial Products - (972).8.6297633

Products based on minerals from the Dead Sea. Flame retardants, magnesia products, potash, food grade phosphoric acid, elemental bromine, mercury emission reduction, soil treament, biocides, clear brine, bromine based intermediates, functional fluids.

MY Polymers - (972).8.9350101

Custom development in polymer chemistry and technology. Low refractive index UV adhesives, flexible epoxies, hydrophobic coatings, gels, hydrolytic stable elastomers. Projects in electronics, optronics, mechanics, print industry, biomedical devices.

NanoMaterials - (972).8.9318690

NanoLub solid lubricant based on spherical inorganic nanoparticles. Nano-spheres and nano-tubes based on inorganic compounds like WS2, MoS2, and NbS2. Applications include semi conductor fabs, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Zohar Dalia - (972).4.9897234

Developer and manufacturer of detergent intermediates and cleaning products. Enzymes for the pulp and paper industry and food industry. Biopesticides, biofungicides, biopolymers.