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Agriculture Companies – Agrochemicals
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Adama - (972).73.2321000

Adama’s insecticide portfolio includes: Pyrethroids, Avermectins, Neonicotinoids, OPs/Organoclorine carbamates, insect growth regulators. Fungicides. Herbicides against weeds. Brevis for fruit thinning of apples and pears.

Airport City
Deshen Gat - (972).4.6407640

Low Chlorine - Liquid fertilizers for fertigation of intensive crops and orchards. Shafir - Liquid fertilizers for fertigation of greenhouses, soilless culture and intensive vegetable crops. Liquid chelated microelements - FeroGat, chelated iron, etc.

Tel Aviv
Groundwork - (972).77.5020806

Groundwork produces mycorrhizal inoculants for commercial agriculture. Natural mycorrhizal fungi improve soil nutrient uptake in 90% of all plant species. When applied to agriculture, mycorrhizal inoculants increase crop yields, especially under stress conditions.

Haifa Group - (972).4.8469963

Fertilizers and chemicals. Multi-K - potassium nitrate products. Slow and controlled-release fertilizers. Soluble fertilizers for greenhouse-grown vegetables and flowers. Technical-grade phosphoric acid, potassium nitrate and phosphate salts.

I-Plant Nutrition - (972).52.3597964

Software for fertilization management. Integrates crop data, fertilizers stock, lab test results, water and soil analysis, nutrients, pH and other elements. Recommends cost-effective fertilizer mix for crop. Fertigation calibration.

Hod HaSharon
Luxembourg Chemicals and Agriculture - (972).3.5103388

Insecticides for agriculture and pest control; herbicides for cotton, lawn and turf; fungicides for citrus, vineyards.

Tel Aviv
V.G.I Agriculture Products Development - (972).3.5407320

Organic fertilizers made of natural components. KF-20, KF-200 fertilizers suitable for organic farming. Replaces or reduces need for chemical fertilizers in conventional farming practices. Highly concentrated and applicable via regular irrigation systems.