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@ Dairy industry - (972).

Companies in the dairy industry

Achva Food Industries - (972).3.9068020

Manufacturer of sesame products: halva, sweets and tehina. Sugarless products. Energy Bars, Cakes, Cookies, Syrups and Sweets.

Nes Ziona
Aleph Farms - (972).

A food company growing delicious, real beef steaks from the cells of cows, eliminating the need for slaughtering animals or harming the environment.

Amai Proteins - (972).54.6575622

Design of proteins that bind to our sweet receptor just like sugar, triggering the sensation of sweet taste, and then digested by the upper gastrointestinal tract just like proteins which we consume in large amounts daily. Sweet proteins are still in the R&D stage and not available for sale.

Azuz Organic Olive Oil - (972).50.4495717

Ezuz Organic Olive Oil is a unique boutique oil for seasoning, cooking and other culinary uses. Olive grove is located on the remnants of an ancient agricultural farm at Ezuz Stream and is maintained without pesticides and fertilizers. Olive oil is exported to Europe and North America.

Bee-io - (972).8.6131198

Technology for production of natural nectar from plants without bees.

Better Juice - (972).55.2225876

The Better Juice continuous-flow column contains immobilized non-GMO microorganisms. When the juice passes through the column, the enzymes within the microorganisms convert juice sugars to dietary fibers and non-digestible sugars without adding or removing ingredients.

Bodek - (972).

Frozen vegetables.

Cham Foods - (972).3.5410555

Egg powders and egg liquid products for the food service industry. Fruit and vegetable powders: Banana, lemon, orange, beans, chickpeas, corn, red beet, tomato. Freeze-dried fruits: blackberry, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, carrots, mushrooms.

Tel Aviv
EnzymoCore - (972).73.7442021

Developer of immobilized enzymes (Biocatalysts) for the production of Biodiesel as well as high added-value food-grade fatty acid esters (Omega-3). EnzymoCore’s produces high quality ASTM- & EN-grade biodiesel from all vegetable- and animal-based feedstocks especially those characterized with high free fatty acids content (FFAs), such as brown grease, animal fat and waste cooking oil.

Gilro - (972).2.9914351

Ice-cream cones, wafer and bakery products. Rolled cones, wafers, halva wafers. Products marketed under Alma label.

Beit Shemesh
Lin's Bee Farm - (972).8.9415859

Honey and honey based health products, organic honey, organic herbs, tinctures, multivitamin, propolis, pollen, ginseng, echinacea.

Kfar Bilu
Matzot Aviv - (972).3.6182151

Manufacturer of matzot and matzah products. Products include organic, whole wheat, unsalted, and mini matzot. Crackers.

Bnei Brak
Maya Foods - (972).2.5357991

Manufacture and marketing of kosher foods under the strict Hechsher of Badatz Eida Charedis. Products include sweets, snacks, baking supplies, dried fruits, rice, legumes, spices. Private label products for the Jewish holidays.

Maale Adumim
Meshek Achiya - (972).2.9401313

Olive oil.

Muller Israel - (972).

Dairy products - Fruit flavored yogurts, butter, etc. The website includes many recipes.

Osem Industries - (972).3.9265265

Major food manufacturer partly owned by Nestle. Products include snacks (Bamba, Bissli, Apropo, Dubonim), Habait cakes, cereals, crackers, coffee, Instant Soup, Ready Meals.

Petah Tikva
SavorEat - (972).8.6378883

Meat alternative products produced using a combination of a chef robot, 3D printing technology, and non-GMO plant-based ingredients. Different textures that characterize meat, tailored to specific taste, diet and lifestyle.

Shemen Industries - (972).4.8654319

Manufacture and marketing of plant oils under the brand name Etz HaZayit. Olive oil, Sesame oil, Canola oil, Sunflower oil.

Shimrit - (972).1.800.263888

Manufacturer of fresh yeast for baking.

Starkist - (972).3.7515170

Kosher tuna and sardine products. Sea of Galilee sardines. Tuna spread, salmon spread and tuna salad with crackers in ready-to-eat sealed packs. Tuna contains omega-3 oil. Light tuna fished in deep ocean and contains exceptionally low levels of mercury.

Ramat Gan
Strauss Group - (972).3.6752111

International food and beverage company. Major producer of yogurts, dairy desserts, cheese and ice-cream. Also controls Elite Industries, a leading company specializing in chocolate, coffee, confectionery and salty snacks.

Sugat Industries - (972).3.7531919

Sugat industries products include rice, sugars, legumes, cereals, nuts, grains, baking products, couscous, flakes and more. Sugar is manufactured with advanced technologies at the highest quality required by international markets. The rice processing factory is also equipped with advanced equipment, silos, sorting and sieving machines, laboratories, etc.

Kiryat Gat
Tami Flour - (972).54.6524466

Manufactures and markets gluten free flour and other products for patisserie and Tagmish Flour for boulangerie.

Petah Tikva
Tnuva - (972).1.800.666244

Major divisions in dairy products, meat, poultry and fish, agricultural produce and eggs. Dairy products include fresh and UHT milk, yogurts and sour milk specialties, beverages, hard cheeses, soft, cream and cottage cheeses, butter.

Wissotzky Tea - (972).3.5651515

Large variety of teas, including Black Tea, Herbal Tea, Fruit Tea, Green Tea and Classic Tea. Gift boxes of tea.

Tel Aviv
Yad-mordechai Apiary - (972).1.800.377.877

Kibbutz food industry with major products of honey, fruit jam and confitures. Olive oil.

Zero Egg - (972).

Plant-based egg substitute with the taste, flavor, and texture of egg. Crafted from plant proteins to work like an ordinary egg in any recipe.

Tel Aviv