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AgroLogic - (972).9.8626089

Climate controllers. Weighing systems for live poultry. Silo weighing system. Feedtronic feed weighing for restriction feeding and feed consumption. EC8 infra red egg counter.

Tel Aviv
Arbel - (972).8.8571653

Design and manufacture of food processing machines. Dairy products production lines for milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream. Meat processing (sausage, pastrami, etc.) and packaging equipment. Fruit juice manufacturing equipment and packaging machines.

Gan Yavne
Crystal Vision - (972).8.6356763

Design and manufacture of sorting machines for agricultural products and fruits such as dates, radishes and abalone to improve product quality. Custom design of equipment for plant irrigation, fish feeding, dairy farm operations.

Degania Sprayers - (972).4.6755890

Manufacturer of sprayers for orchards, row crops, cotton fields, citrus groves, flowers. Also for sanitation purposes and cowsheds. Two Row Sleeve boom sprayer for vineyards.

Dolav Dvir-Lahav Plastic Products - (972).72.2450700

Manufacture of large heavy-duty bins for agricultural uses, including fruit picking and transfer of fruits and produce from fields to packing house, mushroom culturing in bins, refrigerated storage, fish storage and transport etc.

Hazan Sprayers - (972).4.9815701

Manufacturer of a wide range of garden, urban, and field power pesticide sprayers from 80 to 1,200 Liters. Pumps and regulators for sprayers.

Margaliot Trade and Fumigation - (972).9.8850666

Cultivation machinery for open field, greenhouses, and tunnels. Soil fumigation machine that uses fire and a rotocultivator to fumigate the soil. Soil fumigation with methyl bromide, metam sodium, tellon, etc.

MetoMotion - (972).72.2607000

GRoW (Greenhouse Robotic Worker) - a multipurpose robotic system for labor-intensive tasks in greenhouses. 3D vision system and machine vision algorithms to identify and locate the ripe fruits. Onboard boxing system.

Pladot - (972).4.6485350

Manufacture of high-quality stainless steel equipment. Mini Dairy for pasteurized milk products: skim milk and soft and hard cheeses, yogurt, etc. Juice Lines: for pasteurizing natural or concentrate juices, wine, mineral water, etc.

Ein Harod Meuhad
Plasson - (972).4.6394711

Manufacturer of plastic products for the water, gas and agricultural industries.

Maagan Michael
RMH Lachish Industries - (972).8.6891121

Manufacturer of cattle feeding machinery for dairy farming and feedlot industry. RMH. mixer feeders for T.M.R. (Total Mixed Ration) feeding system. Trailers (tractor pulled mixers).

SeeTree Systems - (972).

Aerial tracking of farming operations using drones. Digitization of farm allowing per tree management. Per tree automated fruit count. Compare the same tree over-time. Global coverage, millions of trees, one platform.

Tama Plastic Industry - (972).4.9899600

Crop packaging. Manufacture of round bale net wraps for hay, straw and silage. Degradable polypropylene for round bales. TamaShade nets for protection against solar radiation, frost, wind, hail, and birds. Benches and bench-tops for use in nurseries.

Mishmar Ha'Emek
Tefen Flow & Dosing Technologies - (972).4.6395550

Design and manufacture of plastic products, including fittings and accessories for irrigation, nylon, PVC and polyethylene tubing, air blow guns and spray guns, flower pots, window boxes and planters for decoration and nurseries.

Treetoscope - (972).

Manufacturer of device that senses the internal water flow of a plant and directly measures its water consumption and real-time irrigation needs without extrapolations based on indirect sensing technologies.

Beit Dagan