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Evogene - (972).8.9311900

Development of superior crops through genome remodeling. Database of DNA Regulatory Elements (DRE) / promoters from Arabidopsis genome. Current priorities: Rice, Soya and Wheat. Database and seeds of 8,000 transposon mutagenized tomato lines.

Nrgene - (972).72.2203750

Plant genomics company provides computational tools to maximize crop yield based on their vast proprietary database and AI-based technologies. Discovery of genomic variations and structural variations such as translocations, PAVs, and CNVs. Phenotype-genotype correlations in any organism with complete trait-mapping package. A turn-key solution from DNA to DeNovo genome assembly regardless of complexity and ploidy.

Nes Ziona
Rahan Meristem - (972).4.9857100

Tissue culture plants for over 200 plant genera. In-vitro and hardened dessert banana and plantain plants. Strawberry mother plants. Fruit trees for date palm, citrus, olive, mango, avocado, stone fruit and their rootstocks. Pineapple, jojoba, sugar-cane. Specialize in cleaning crops from virus infection.

Rosh Hanikra