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Afimilk - (972).4.6754812

AfiFarm software for dairy farming and herd management. Afiact heat detection. Afifeed for optimizing concentrated feed allocation. Controlled milking systems for sheep and goat dairy farmers.

Ambar Feed Mills - (972).4.6321300

Feed for poultry, turkeys, ruminants, fish, rabbits and pigeons. Protein concentrates for international markets. Vitamin and trace mineral premixes. Biosecurity feed mill for breeder feeds.

Bio-Pet - (972).9.8984102

La-Cat Kitten cat food formulated to supply 100% of nutritional needs. La-Cat Hairball formula to prevent hair ball disturbances enriched with omega fatty acids. Love Dog Puppy Dog Food. Love Dog Light for adult overwight dogs.

Biogal-Galed Labs - (972).4.9898605

Immunocomb antibody test kit for determining the presence of a variety of diseases in small animals. Kits to determine serum, blood, or egg yolk antibody titers against Bursal Disease, Newcastle disease, Infectious Bronchitis Virus.

Biovac-Vireo Biological laboratories - (972).4.6266772

Manufacturing and development of live and inactivated vaccines for poultry and cattle. Vaccines against Newcastle disease, avian encephalomyelitis, Infectious Bursal disease, bovine rotavirus. Parasiticides.

Or Akiva
Phibro Animal Health - (972).3.9273100

Veterinary pharmaceuticals, vitamin concentrates. Large-scale synthesis of complex organic molecules. Technologies include Cyanation, Hydrogenation, Methylation (dimethyl sulphate), Pyrimidine Chemistry, Carbonylation, Darzen, and Sandmeyer processes.

Tel Aviv
Plasson Poultry Systems - (972).73.2413001

Poultry farm equipment. Nipple drinker and Bell drinker systems made of high impact plastic for broilers, breeders, turkey poults, layers, ducks, geese and quails. Pan feeding systems. Heating cooling and ventilation systems and climate controllers.

Maagan Michael
SCR Engineers - (972).9.8652050

Cow milking systems, heat detection systems.