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Agriculture Companies – Growers - Fruits, vegetables
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Products, Fields of specialty
Agrexco - (972).3.5630940

Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, citrus fruits, organic produce, flowers.

Tel Aviv
Arava Export Growers - (972).8.6581668

Galia melons, red and yellow peppers, cluster and cherry tomatoes, seedless grapes, strawberries.

Bnei Atarot
Ben Dor Fruits And Nurseries - (972).4.6931161

Ben Dor develops new fruit varieties with a special emphasis on flavor and aroma. Company focuses on five areas: Cultivation of varieties. Producing seedlings. Growing deciduous orchards. Packaging deciduous fruits. Stone fruits apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines, pears.

Yesod Hamaala
Carmel's - (972).4.9891858

Growing special vegetables, including asparagus, snow peas, kale, a variety of sprouts, Salanova lettuce and an additional range of green leafs. Vegetables are grown in hydroponic greenhouses and open farming fields.

CarobWay - (972).52.3959622

Integrated system dedicated to growing and commercializing carob by intensive, high-yield cultivation of carob trees optimizing land use, applying mechanized harvesting methods. Carob fruit pod consists of about 90% pulp and 10% seeds by weight at full maturity. Carob seeds have been the most valuable part of the pods for the production of locust bean gum (LBG). Carob can grow on non-arable land, including deserts.

Kiryat Shmona
Dorot Garlic & Herbs - (972).8.6808095

Garlic, carrots, wheat and potatoes. Frozen chopped dill, basil, parsley, coriander.

Fieldin - (972).

Smart farming operations platform for growers of high-value crops. Smart Spraying module. Management of huge areas of almond, walnut and olive farming. Tracking shaking data over the course of a season to optimize shake times and minimize damage to trees.

Tel Aviv
Galilee Export - (972).3.6539011

Exporter of avocado, citrus fruits, dates, mango, lychee, pomegranate, sharon fruit, peaches, nectarines.

Or Yehuda
Gilad Desert Products - (972).8.6582515

Growers cooperative for export. Galia melon. Capsicum in red, green, yellow and orange colors. Tomatoes on the vine. Cherry Tomatoes. Sweet Potatoes. Green Onion. Cucumber. Zucchini.

Granot - (972).4.6321200

Central purchasing and marketing agency for the Granot Group of 41 Kibbutzim (agricultural settlements). Organically grown avocados, bananas, cotton and field crops.

Hadiklaim Date Grower's Cooperative - (972).3.6389555

Cooperative of date growers in Israel's Jordan Valley, Beit Shean Valley and the Arava desert. Date varieties grown include Amari, Barhi, Hayani, Medjoul, Halawi, Hayani, and pitted pressed dates.

Tel Aviv
Marina Mushrooms - (972).4.6666451

Mushroom growwer and marketing. Champignon. Portobello. Sprouts. Chopped vegetables. Herbs. Lettuce.

SDA Natural - (972).4.6096529

Production and marketing of dehydrated herbs and spices. Spices using organic and standard growing processes: parsley, oregano, spinach, dill tips, sweet paprika, cilantro, taragon, zaatar. Dried cherry tomatoes.

Save Foods - (972).72.2116144

Eco-friendly solutions for pre and post harvest treatments of fruits and vegetables. Solutions are completely biodegradable and leave no harmful residue that could negatively impact the health and safety of people and the environment. Pimi's solutions provide alternatives to pesticide treatments or expensive low-temperature storage methods. STHP based products are used in suppressing the sprouting activity in stored vegetables, controlling storage related diseases caused by fungi, yeasts, molds, viruses and bacteria.

Tali Grapes - (972).8.6885911

Table grapes. Varieties include Thompson, Superior , Red-Globe. Wax-flowers grown for export. Energy and natural gas systems.

Moshav Lakhish
Tekoa Farms - (972).2.9964527

Tekoa Mushroom Farm - Design and operation of mushroom farms and processing facilities. Cultivation training (with options for exotic mushrooms). Spawn (live mushroom cultures) production technology. USFDA-approved food processing technology.