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Agrosheriff - (972).54.5493215

Drip irrigation equipment and accessories. Equipment and materials for hydroponics. Develop solutions for small, medium and large producers of agricultural products. Concept development, market analysis, feasibility study, technical design, turn-key projects.

Al-Magor Metal & Plastic Works - (972).3.5582907

Hand tools for punching holes into plastic irrigation pipelines of all sizes for insertion of drippers and sprinklers. Punches for saddle connectors. Cutter for cutting holes in layflat hose. Tool for inserting connector in pipes.

Baccara - (972).4.6535960

Development and manufacture of solutions for water flow, irrigation automation, monitoring. Products include smartphone regulated irrigation controllers, solenoid valves, fertlizer solenoids, and diverse varieties of valves.

Elgo - (972).9.8632525

Irrigation sprinklers and oscillators, watering pistols, guns and wands, quick hose connectors, brass accessories. Hose reels and carts. Underground irrigation systems: Pop-up sprinklers, watering timers. Micro irrigation: micro sprinklers, drippers.

Galcon - (972).4.6900222

Manufacturer of computerized irrigation controllers. Battery operated controllers for automatic operation of water systems, municipal and landscape irrigation systems, traffic islands, football stadiums, etc.

Kfar Blum
Irrigationglobal israel - (972).54.4353594

On-line drip and micro irrigation systems store. On-line professional consultation services and top brand irrigation equipment at direct sale. Products include irrigation emitters: Drippers, Integral drip lines, sprinklers. Screen and disc Filters, Water valves, water meters, fertilization pumps and tanks, pumps, irrigation control units.

KIM - (972).

Accurate drip irrigation, sprinklers and pivot design; hydraulic analysis for pipeline networks; 3D models and installation drawings. Detailed BOM (bill of material); and, high-end render visualization. Calculators for Drip Irrigation design.

Kibbutz Amir
Metzerplas - (972).4.6387001

Irrigation systems. Subsurface drip irrigation products.

N-Drip - (972).72.3845060

Gravity Micro Irrigation System utilizes existing infrastructure and gravitational force for energy. N-Drip’s proprietary dripper does not need filters. Gravity Micro Irrigation is a better alternative to flood irrigation. Flood irrigation produces lower yields, causes water waste, overuses fertilizers, creates land waste, land depletion and water contamination. N-Drip’s Gravity Micro Irrigation System provides precise irrigation, which maximizes yield while saving water and other resources.

NaanDan Jain Irrigation - (972).8.9442108

Agricultural sprinklers, sprinklers, lawn and garden sprinklers, round and flat-tube drip lines, sprayers and misters, rotors, drainage preventer and flow regulator. Comprehensive agro projects. Expertise in hydraulics, fluid analysis, water distribution.

Netafim - (972).8.6473111

Irrigation equipment, sprinklers, drip systems.

ROOTS - (972).9.7689995

Root Zone Temperature Optimization. Root zone heating and cooling systems with irrigation and fertilisation management. Pipes for heat/chill diffusion and fertigation (fertilisation+ irrigation) in the root zone. Irrigation By Condensation (IBC) from moisture in the air and soil.

Beit Halevy
Rain-Tal (Ein-Tal) Irrigation Systems - (972).4.6101811

Micro Drip gravity based irrigation system that suits modern agrotechnology methods without requiring an expensive water pressure system. Vibro water Spreader water for low volume irrigation. Turbo Sprinkler. Super Disk water filters.

Sadot Irrigation Systems - (972).3.5732650

Manufacturer of Shibolet irrigation and fertigation platforms for greenhouse and net-house applications. Design and maintenance of filtration and control systems for agricultural, landscape and turf and sports applications. Consultation services.

Skyx PASS - (972).

Agricultural-robotics technology company developing a modular swarm of autonomous drones for spraying.

Tavlit- Irrigation and Water Products - (972).8.9328010

Manufacturer of micro sprinkler irrigation equipment with computerized support system for citrus, banana, orchards, avocado, kiwi, mango, vegetables, nurseries, hothouses, parks, private gardens, etc.

TreeTube - (972).54.9491392

Urban Green Infrastructure. Limited sub-surface rooting spaces in the urban environment, hinders healthy and sustainable tree growth. Modular units designed and developed to facilitate the growth of trees in urban environments enable root growth under pavements and sidewalks. The system is manufactured from plastic and steel, easy to handle and simple to install. Eliminates pavement sinking and reduces sidewalk repair caused by root damage.