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AgriSupportOnline - (972).54.5617690

International consultancy for expert agronomic support, agricultural assessment, project planning and management. Agricultural training programs and seminars. Livestock assistance. Equipment, systems procurement. Produce packing and market distribution.

Agriquality - (972).8.6901690

Matching between worldwide market needs in the field of agriculture and horticulture and solutions based primarily on Israeli manufacturers and producers.

Argos (Agri Projects) - (972).3.9192008

Design and execution of turnkey projects in agriculture and water management. Cultivation of wide-ranging agricultural crops in different climatic conditions in greenhouses, open fields, plantations, orchards etc. Implementation of agro-technologies.

Tel Aviv
Etza Agriculture - (972).52.2708523

Consulting company for vegetable growers. Services are tailored to support small operations of several hectares, as well as large farms of hundreds of hectares, open fields and greenhouses.