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AgriSupportOnline - (972).4.8302785

International consultancy for expert agronomic support, agricultural assessment, project planning and management. Agricultural training programs and seminars. Livestock assistance. Equipment, systems procurement. Produce packing and market distribution.

Agriquality - (972).8.6901690

AgriQuality is a global consultancy and agriculture projects management firm. Sample projects: Agronomy and agro-technical consultation - Upgrading Mango plantation in southern India. Building a fresh produce export company. Fund raising and strategic consulting for Agro start-ups. Organizing professional tours, demonstrations and delegation visits.

Argos (Agri Projects) - (972).3.9192008

Design and execution of turnkey projects in agriculture and water management. Cultivation of wide-ranging agricultural crops in different climatic conditions in greenhouses, open fields, plantations, orchards etc. Implementation of agro-technologies.

Tel Aviv
Cropaia - (972).52.3597964

Agronomy consulting services to governments, organizations, as well as to individual growers. Online courses and Ag training programs. Precision agriculture, fertilization management, irrigation and water treatment technology.

Hod Hasharon
Etza Agriculture - (972).52.2708523

Consulting company for vegetable growers. Services are tailored to support small operations of several hectares, as well as large farms of hundreds of hectares, open fields and greenhouses.

TerraVerde Agriculture - (972).52.6046987

Agriculture track record includes a diverse portfolio of projects that have led to success stories in agriculture, livestock and aquaculture project implementation. Cotton agro ­technology and irrigation.

Gan Hashomron