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Company - Telephone
Ginosar Tissue Culture Nurseries - (972).4.6798845

Vegetal material explants. In vitro banana plants and hardened banana plants.

Hishtil Nurseries - (972).3.9373148

Seedlings, young plants (vegetatively propagated) and unrooted cuttings - vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, bedding plants (flowering annuals), flowering pot plants, strawberry plugs, herbaceous perennials.

Moshav Nehalim
Zakai Agricultural Know-How - (972).2.5901333

Plant production for international distribution. Fruit trees: avocado, babaco, banana, citrus, figs, litchi, olives, mango, pitaya. Varieties of strawberry and pineapple. Tissue culture grown clean plants. Flowers grown in insect-proof greenhouses.

Mishor Adumim
Zvieli Nursery - (972).4.6750178

Nursery specializes in hardening date palm tissue-culture plants, and the production of ornamental shrubs.

Moshava Kineret