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AstronomyIsrael Astronomy Olympics
BiologyIsrael Biology Olympiad
ChemistryIsraeli Chemical Olympiad
Computer scienceIsraeli Computer Science Olympiad
EntrepreneurshipIsrael National Entrepreneurship Competition
MathematicsGillis Olympiad in Mathematics
MathematicsInternational Mathematical Olympiad
MathematicsIsraeli Tournament of Towns in Mathematics
MathematicsMathematics Ulpaniada for Religious High-Schools
PhysicsIsraeli Physics Olympiad

National Science Teachers Association Position Statement on Competitions

The National Science Teachers Association recognizes that many kinds of learning experiences, including science competitions, can contribute significantly to the education of students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects. With respect to science competitions, such as science fairs, robotics competitions, engineering fairs Olympiads, scholarship activities and talent searches, NSTA takes the position that participation should be guided by the following principles:


—Adopted by the Board of Directors, January 1999 Revised, July 2016