Israel Hanukoglu, Ph. D.
Laboratory of Cell Biology
Ariel University
Ariel 40700, Israel

Software we use in the lab

Operating systems

Dual boot systems with Linux Mint and Microsoft Windows.

Linux-Mint is a great operating system that is based on Ubuntu.

For the transition from Windows to Ubuntu I set the following goals:

Internet Browser

Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Firefox tips

Office software

We have switched from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice. Currently we are using the English version. LibreOffice works great in both English and Hebrew.

LibreOffice Problems and Solutions

Software for bibliography management

We are using Mendeley for generating reference lists for publications.


We use Gimp for bitmap image editing; Inkscape for drawing vector graphics; and Microsoft Excel for scientific graphs.


SQLite Browser. New name: DB Browser for SQLite

Molecular biology software

Video editing

Kdenlive - Libre Video Editor

Windows utilities

Anti-virus: AVG Anti-Virus Free.

File Manager: Freecommander

E-mail client: I switched from Outlook Express to Thunderbird.

Ubuntu utilities

List of software alternatives to replace Windows programs.