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HTML : HTML entity references for Arrows

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NOTE: To use a character:
1. Select the desired character that appears under the OUTPUT column -
2. Copy it (Ctrl-C) and then Paste it (Ctrl-V) in your target.

CodeOutputEntity #DescriptionUnicode
←8592leftwards arrowU+2190
↑8593upwards arrowU+2191
→8594rightwards arrowU+2192
↓8595downwards arrowU+2193
↔8596left right arrowU+2194
↵8629carriage return symbolU+21B5
⇐8656leftwards double arrowU+21D0
⇑8657upwards double arrowU+21D1
⇒8658rightwards double arrowU+21D2
⇓8659downwards double arrowU+21D3
⇔8660left right double arrowU+21D4