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HTML : HTML entity references for Mathematical Operators

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CodeOutputEntity #DescriptionUnicode
∀8704for allU+2200
∂8706partial differentialU+2202
∃8707there existsU+2203
∅8709empty set = null set = diameterU+2205
∇8711nabla = backward differenceU+2207
∈8712element ofU+2208
∉8713not an element ofU+2209
∋8715contains as memberU+220B
∏8719n-ary product = product signU+220F
∑8721n-ary sumationU+2211
−8722minus signU+2212
∗8727asterisk operatorU+2217
√8730square root = radical signU+221A
∝8733proportional toU+221D
∧8743logical and = wedgeU+2227
∨8744logical or = veeU+2228
∩8745intersection = capU+2229
∪8746union = cupU+222A
∼8764tilde operator = similar toU+223C
≅8773approximately equal toU+2245
≈8776almost equal to = asymptotic toU+2248
≠8800not equal toU+2260
≡8801identical toU+2261
≤8804less-than or equal toU+2264
≥8805greater-than or equal toU+2265
⊂8834subset ofU+2282
⊃8835superset ofU+2283
⊄8836not a subset ofU+228
⊆8838subset of or equal toU+2286
⊇8839superset of or equal toU+2287
⊕8853circled plus = direct sumU+2295
⊗8855circled times = vector productU+2297
⊥8869up tack = orthogonal to = perpendicularU+22A5
⋅8901dot operatorU+22C5