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HTML : HTML entity references for Miscellaneous Symbols

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CodeOutputEntity #DescriptionUnicode
•8226bullet = black small circleU+2022
…8230horizontal ellipsis = three dot leaderU+2026
′8242prime = minutes = feetU+2032
″8243double prime = seconds = inchesU+2033
‾8254overline = spacing overscoreU+203E
⁄8260fraction slashU+2044
℘8472script capital P = power set = Weierstrass pU+2118
ℑ8465blackletter capital I = imaginary partU+2111
ℜ8476blackletter capital R = real part symbolU+211C
™8482trade mark signU+2122
ℵ8501alef symbol = first transfinite cardinalU+2135
⌈8968left ceiling = apl upstileU+2308
⌉8969right ceilingU+2309
⌊8970left floor = apl downstileU+230A
⌋8971right floorU+230B
⟨9001left-pointing angle bracket = braU+2329
⟩9002right-pointing angle bracket = ketU+232A
♠9824black spade suitU+2660
♣9827black club suit = shamrockU+2663
♥9829black heart suit = valentineU+2665
♦9830black diamond suitU+2666