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HTML : HTML entity references for Greek letters and characters

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CodeOutputEntity #DescriptionUnicode
ΑΑ913capital letter alphaU+0391
ΒΒ914capital letter betaU+0392
ΓΓ915capital letter gammaU+0393
ΔΔ916capital letter deltaU+0394
ΕΕ917capital letter epsilonU+0395
ΖΖ918capital letter zetaU+0396
ΗΗ919capital letter etaU+0397
ΘΘ920capital letter thetaU+0398
ΙΙ921capital letter iotaU+0399
ΚΚ922capital letter kappaU+039A
ΛΛ923capital letter lambdaU+039B
ΜΜ924capital letter muU+039C
ΝΝ925capital letter nuU+039D
ΞΞ926capital letter xiU+039E
ΟΟ927capital letter omicronU+039F
ΠΠ928capital letter piU+03A0
ΡΡ929capital letter rhoU+03A1
ΣΣ931capital letter sigmaU+03A3
ΤΤ932capital letter tauU+03A4
ΥΥ933capital letter upsilonU+03A5
ΦΦ934capital letter phiU+03A6
ΧΧ935capital letter chiU+03A7
ΨΨ936capital letter psiU+03A8
ΩΩ937capital letter omegaU+03A9
αα945small letter alphaU+03B1
ββ946small letter betaU+03B2
γγ947small letter gammaU+03B3
δδ948small letter deltaU+03B4
εε949small letter epsilonU+03B5
ζζ950small letter zetaU+03B6
ηη951small letter etaU+03B7
θθ952small letter thetaU+03B8
ιι953small letter iotaU+03B9
κκ954small letter kappaU+03BA
λλ955small letter lambdaU+03BB
μμ956small letter muU+03BC
νν957small letter nuU+03BD
ξξ958small letter xiU+03BE
οο959small letter omicronU+03BF
ππ960small letter piU+03C0
ρρ961small letter rhoU+03C1
ςς962small letter final sigmaU+03C2
σσ963small letter sigmaU+03C3
ττ964small letter tauU+03C4
υυ965small letter upsilonU+03C5
φφ966small letter phiU+03C6
χχ967small letter chiU+03C7
ψψ968small letter psiU+03C8
ωω969small letter omegaU+03C9
ϑϑ977small letter theta symbolU+03D1
ϒϒ978upsilon with hook symbolU+03D2
ϖϖ982pi symbolU+03D6