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HTML : HTML entity references for ISO 8859-1 (Latin 1) characters

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CodeOutputEntity #DescriptionUnicode
  160non-breaking spaceU+00A0
¡¡161inverted exclamation markU+00A1
¢¢162cent signU+00A2
££163pound signU+00A3
¤¤164currency signU+00A4
¥¥165yen sign = yuan signU+00A5
¦¦166broken bar = broken vertical barU+00A6
§§167section signU+00A7
¨¨168spacing diaeresisU+00A8
©©169copyright signU+00A9
ªª170feminine ordinal indicatorU+00AA
««171left-pointing double angle quotation markU+00AB
¬¬172not signU+00AC
­­173soft hyphenU+00AD
®®174registered trade mark signU+00AE
¯¯175spacing macron = overline = APL overbarU+00AF
°°176degree signU+00B0
±±177plus-minus signU+00B1
²²178superscript two = squaredU+00B2
³³179superscript three = cubedU+00B3
´´180acute accent = spacing acuteU+00B4
µµ181micro signU+00B5
¶182pilcrow sign = paragraph signU+00B6
··183middle dot = Georgian commaU+00B7
¸¸184cedilla = spacing cedillaU+00B8
¹¹185superscript one = superscript digit oneU+00B9
ºº186masculine ordinal indicatorU+00BA
»»187right-pointing double angle quotation markU+00BB
¼¼188fraction one quarterU+00BC
½½189fraction one halfU+00BD
¾¾190fraction three quartersU+00BE
¿¿191inverted question markU+00BF
ÀÀ192latin capital letter A with graveU+00C0
ÁÁ193latin capital letter A with acuteU+00C1
ÂÂ194latin capital letter A with circumflexU+00C2
ÃÃ195latin capital letter A with tildeU+00C3
ÄÄ196latin capital letter A with diaeresisU+00C4
ÅÅ197latin capital letter A with ring aboveU+00C5
ÆÆ198latin capital letter AEU+00C6
ÇÇ199latin capital letter C with cedillaU+00C7
ÈÈ200latin capital letter E with graveU+00C8
ÉÉ201latin capital letter E with acuteU+00C9
ÊÊ202latin capital letter E with circumflexU+00CA
ËË203latin capital letter E with diaeresisU+00CB
ÌÌ204latin capital letter I with graveU+00CC
ÍÍ205latin capital letter I with acuteU+00CD
ÎÎ206latin capital letter I with circumflexU+00CE
ÏÏ207latin capital letter I with diaeresisU+00CF
ÐÐ208latin capital letter ETHU+00D0
ÑÑ209latin capital letter N with tildeU+00D1
ÒÒ210latin capital letter O with graveU+00D2
ÓÓ211latin capital letter O with acuteU+00D3
ÔÔ212latin capital letter O with circumflexU+00D4
ÕÕ213latin capital letter O with tildeU+00D5
ÖÖ214latin capital letter O with diaeresisU+00D6
××215multiplication signU+00D7
ØØ216latin capital letter O with strokeU+00D8
ÙÙ217latin capital letter U with graveU+00D9
ÚÚ218latin capital letter U with acuteU+00DA
ÛÛ219latin capital letter U with circumflexU+00DB
ÜÜ220latin capital letter U with diaeresisU+00DC
ÝÝ221latin capital letter Y with acuteU+00DD
ÞÞ222latin capital letter THORNU+00DE
ßß223latin small letter sharp s = ess-zedU+00DF
àà224latin small letter a with graveU+00E0
áá225latin small letter a with acuteU+00E1
ââ226latin small letter a with circumflexU+00E2
ãã227latin small letter a with tildeU+00E3
ää228latin small letter a with diaeresisU+00E4
åå229latin small letter a with ring aboveU+00E5
ææ230latin small letter aeU+00E6
çç231latin small letter c with cedillaU+00E7
èè232latin small letter e with graveU+00E8
éé233latin small letter e with acuteU+00E9
êê234latin small letter e with circumflexU+00EA
ëë235latin small letter e with diaeresisU+00EB
ìì236latin small letter i with graveU+00EC
íí237latin small letter i with acuteU+00ED
îî238latin small letter i with circumflexU+00EE
ïï239latin small letter i with diaeresisU+00EF
ðð240latin small letter ethU+00F0
ññ241latin small letter n with tildeU+00F1
òò242latin small letter o with graveU+00F2
óó243latin small letter o with acuteU+00F3
ôô244latin small letter o with circumflexU+00F4
õõ245latin small letter o with tildeU+00F5
öö246latin small letter o with diaeresisU+00F6
÷÷247division signU+00F7
øø248latin small letter o with strokeU+00F8
ùù249latin small letter u with graveU+00F9
úú250latin small letter u with acuteU+00FA
ûû251latin small letter u with circumflexU+00FB
üü252latin small letter u with diaeresisU+00FC
ýý253latin small letter y with acuteU+00FD
þþ254latin small letter thornU+00FE
ÿÿ255latin small letter y with diaeresisU+00FF