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HTML : HTML entity references for general punctuation and internationalization symbols

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CodeOutputEntity #DescriptionUnicode
""34quotation mark = APL quoteU+0022
&lt;<60less-than signU+003C
&gt;>62greater-than signU+003E
&OElig;Œ338latin capital ligature OEU+0152
&oelig;œ339latin small ligature oeU+0153
&Scaron;Š352latin capital letter S with caronU+0160
&scaron;š353latin small letter s with caronU+0161
&Yuml;Ÿ376latin capital letter Y with diaeresisU+0178
&circ;ˆ710modifier letter circumflex accentU+02C6
&tilde;˜732small tildeU+02DC
&ensp;8194en spaceU+2002
&emsp;8195em spaceU+2003
&thinsp;8201thin spaceU+2009
&zwnj;8204zero width non-joinerU+200C
&zwj;8205zero width joinerU+200D
&lrm;8206left-to-right markU+200E
&rlm;8207right-to-left markU+200F
&ndash;8211en dashU+2013
&mdash;8212em dashU+2014
&lsquo;8216left single quotation markU+2018
&rsquo;8217right single quotation markU+2019
&sbquo;8218single low-9 quotation markU+201
&ldquo;8220left double quotation markU+201C
&rdquo;8221right double quotation markU+201D
&bdquo;8222double low-9 quotation markU+201E
&Dagger;8225double daggerU+2021
&permil;8240per mille signU+2030
&lsaquo;8249single left-pointing angle quotation markU+2039
&rsaquo;8250single right-pointing angle quotation markU+203A
&euro;8364euro signU+20AC