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AuthorTitleDate, Source
CheslerBaseless Israel-bashing permeates science and medicine2021-06-15
StesinAnti-Zionism: the modern Antisemitism2021-06-07
PragerThe Middle East dispute is about religion, not land2021-05-25
EidAn open letter to my Palestinian brethren2021-05-23
YeminiThe truth about the Hamas terrorist organization2021-05-18
JerenbergLod mayor calls riots ‘pogrom,’ compares to Kristallnacht2021-05-12
World Israel News
TrumpStatement by President Trump about rocket attacks on Israeli cities2021-05-11
Donald Trump
DEBKAfileHamas terrorists in Gaza fire hundreds of rockets hitting Israel2021-05-11
GlickA powder keg, courtesy of Washington2021-05-07
Israel Hayom
ShermanWhen did Palestine become Palestine?2021-04-18
HorowitzThe Biden White House: A diversity of racists and anti-Semites2021-04-14
FrontPage Mag
RifiFormer Lebanese Minister of Justice: Hizbullah is leading Lebanon to suicide2021-04-05
CoalitionThe forgotten Palestinian child soldiers2021-02-17
PCS Week
DershowitzIs Palestine a State?2021-02-09
Gatestone Institute
DivonThe family we didn't know we had2021-01-28
Khaleej Times
KernGermany's 'shameful' two years on the UN Security Council2021-01-01
Gatestone Institute
QudosiPakistan: Top cleric says Israel belongs to Jews2020-12-29
Clarion Project
GoldWhy the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is uniquely stable among the Arab states?2020-09-23
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
GibneyIsrael–Arab peace accord fuels hope for surge in scientific collaboration2020-09-21
EttingerArab-interest-based peace with Israel2020-09-17
CalvoIsrael: The settlements are not illegal2020-05-19
Gatestone Institute
MeottiGeneva, Brussels and Hague: Europe puts Israel under siege2020-02-14
Israel National News
BenariCzech Foreign Minister: Hamas fully responsible for deaths of Gazans2018-05-25
Israel National News
EttingerUS Embassy in Jerusalem enhances US Interest2018-02-26
BenariU.S. freezes grant to UNRWA2018-01-05
Israel National News
KleinThe UN continues its Israel-bashing2017-12-22
FrontPage Mag
GlickThe international community, and the liberal media hid the news of Hezbollah’s narco-terrorism empire2017-12-19
Jerusalem Post
MeottiIs the UK overthrowing the Christian basis of the West?2017-12-18
Gatestone Institute
GlickEurope's war against the Jewish state2017-12-11
Jerusalem Post
Kedar20 reasons why every foreign embassy should move to Jerusalem2017-12-07
Israel National News
HohmannPresident Trump: 'Jerusalem is Israel's capital'2017-12-06
EttingerIslamic terrorism - extrinsic or intrinsic?2017-09-18
PhillipsBritain’s alarming antisemitism problem2017-09-15
Jerusalem Post
MalnickTony Blair's Middle East envoy work secretly bankrolled by wealthy Arab state2017-08-13
The Telegraph
FriedlandHow terrorism has ruined everything2017-07-27
Clarion Project
SavirHaley arrives in Israel, has 'no patience for bullies' at UN2017-06-07
World Israel News
HaleyThe U.N. Human Rights Council whitewashes brutality2017-06-02
Washington Post
ChiaramonteChristian persecution across the globe2017-01-06
McCarthyUN Security Council resolution against Israel - Obama's betrayal2016-12-24
National Review
BakerThe self-destruction of UNESCO2016-04-19
Jerusalem Post
GlickBDS movement: flagship of the diplomatic war against Israel2015-06-04
Jerusalem Post
BehrmanObama's untenable position regarding Silwan Arabs2014-10-14
Huffington Post
BeckOutrageous double standard: US strikes in Syria kill civilians2014-09-29
United with Israel
HenleyAntisemitism on rise across Europe 'in worst times since the Nazis'2014-08-07
The Guardian
GlickIsrael's 20-year nightmare with the PLO2013-09-12
Jerusalem Post
BergenA post-Christian Middle East?2013-08-22
LopezChristians face persecution, extinction in Islamic lands2013-03-27
Clarion Project
BenSyrian civil war death toll at 60,000, UN Human Rights Office says2013-01-02
FreundWould the Maccabees be proud?2011-12-22
Jerusalem Post
FreundThe invention of Palestine2011-12-14
Jewish Press
KempTunisia, Egypt: Is this the start of the return of the caliphate?2011-01-31
BNP News
HinkleTime to declare war on Israel2010-09-10
AliHow to win the clash of civilizations2010-08-18
Wall Street Journal
GlickEuropean courts in the service of Israel's destruction2010-07-05
Jerusalem Post
SharpeThe two-state solution of Britain is 87 years old2009-03-29
American Thinker
EidelbergForeign policy of Israel vis-a-vis the US2009-03-16
Israel National News
AnonymousBackground check on Barack Hussein Obama2008-10-27
WildersIslamization of Europe2008-08-25
WareU.S. officials rethink hopes for Iraq democracy2007-08-22
FrantzmanEthnic cleansing of Jews by Arabs in pre-state Israel2007-08-16
Jerusalem Post
VineyardLetter to President Bush about Jews2007-08-08
BlechWORLD WAR III - The war on the Jews and the rise of the world security state2007-06-01
VineyardLetter to German bishops2007-03-07
BushPresident Bush's speech on the five-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks2006-09-11
White House
BukayThe religious foundations of suicide bombings Islamist ideology2006-09-01
Middle East Quarterly
CarewNazi "Doodlebug" campaign against London versus Hezb-Allah Katyusha barrage on Israel2006-09-01
MarcusNasrallah Superman: An analysis of the war in Lebanon from the Palestinian perspective2006-08-31
Palestinian Media Watch
INNChronology of rocket attacks on Israel2006-08-04
Arutz 7
LinkHezbollah blending in among women and children2006-07-30
Sunday Herald Sun
NoyesCNN's Robertson now admits: Hezbollah had control of his anti-Israel piece2006-07-24
MurphyHezbollah envoy: War on Israel to widen2006-07-24
Associated Press
WestLoyalty test: Time to declare war on the enemy2006-07-24
Jewish World Review
DershowitzThe predictable condemners2006-07-22
Jerusalem Post
GabrielThank You, Israel!2006-07-18
FrontPage Mag
DEBKAfileBush wants the Hizballah-Israel war to give Iran a bloody nose2006-07-17
CarewComparison with World War II casualties2006-07-17
Private Letter
GlickHow I spent my summer vacation in northern Israel2006-07-17
Jerusalem Post
PipesThe Vatican confronts Islam2006-07-04
Jerusalem Post
SackettWhy Israel is losing the war and how they can win!2006-07-01
Manhigut Yehudit
MarcusHamas: Islam will conquer US and Britain2006-06-22
Palestinian Media Watch
KarshIslam's imperial dreams2006-04-04
CNNMuslims urged to make West 'bleed for years'2006-03-05
SultanWafa Sultan interview on clash of civilizations2006-02-21
BedeinKaare Kristiansen: A friend of Israel2005-12-04
FarahFrench solution: Paristinian state2005-11-08
FreundBush forgot about American victims of Palestinian terror2005-10-19
Jerusalem Post
RodriguezAll European life died In Auschwitz2005-09-23
vanderHoevenKatrina hurricane - God's judgement2005-08-30
International Christian Zionist Center
WilsonAmerica's role in dividing Israel has brought judgement2005-08-16
Montana News
GlickOur World: Is America abandoning the fight?2005-05-30
Jerusalem Post
ThomasIsrael's big gamble to accept the Road-map2005-04-17
Washington Times
VineyardAppeal to President Bush and PM Sharon2005-01-26
GlickThe demographic bomb is a dud2005-01-14
Jerusalem Post
EttingerWho are you Abu Mazen?2005-01-14
RosettForget reform. The U.N. needs regime change2004-12-29
Wall Street Journal
PipesSpreading Islam in American public schools2004-11-24
FrontPage Mag
HoffmanReagan's global legacy - Hastening an end to the Cold War2004-06-06
Washington Post
GlickArab Moslem global Jihad = World War III2004-05-14
Jerusalem Post
ChanAmerican beheaded on web video2004-05-12
Washington Post
PragerI have contempt for the United Nations2004-04-20
FishbeinBeware of the Gaza trap2004-04-11
Israel Insider
BedeinState Department's annual reports slur Israel2004-03-22
FrontPage Mag
WilderThe little shahid2004-03-21
FishbeinThe U.S.-Israel relationship: Charting a new path through an uncertain future2004-03-17
FeiglinThe passion of Jesus and Muhammed2004-03-14
Manhigut Yehudit
BedeinA not so Merry Christmas in the Holy Land2003-12-26
FrontPage Mag
KrauthammerGeneva sellout2003-11-28
Jewish World Review
RabinovichNATIONS OF THE WORLD: Support Israel!2003-11-26
Arutz 7
GraulichObsessive-compulsive Judaism2003-11-21
PacepaThe KGB's man, terrorist Arafat2003-09-27
Wall Street Journal
DershowitzUnited Nations (U.N.) and international terrorism by Palestinians2003-08-28
Jewish World Review
EttingerHomicide bombing induced by the Road Map2003-08-19
EttingerIt's anti-Jewish/anti-Western hate-education, stupid!2003-08-16
Jerusalem Cloakroom
LeiblerEvangelical Christians, our new allies2003-08-15
Jerusalem Post
AnonymousUS Government funding of the UN2003-08
GraulichThe UN massacre2003-06-26
NeuwirthA road map through Jordan2003-05-27
KesslerSuicide bombers explode in Western targets in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia2003-05-13
Washington Post
KesslerU.S. planners surprised by strength of Iraqi Shiites2003-04-23
Washington Post
MilliereFrance is almost finished2003-04-10
FrontPage Mag
WilliamsFrance: Vulture of the world2003-03-29
BeresA Palestinian state and regional nuclear war2003-03-28
MagisterIs Europe a province of Islam?
The danger is called dhimmitude
FarahSay goodbye to the U.N.2003-03-20
FreundBush's choice: Powell or the Prophets2003-03-20
Jerusalem Post
LambUndoing the U.N.2003-03-17
StahlPA Inciting Palestinians against America2003-03-07
SciuttoIn praise of Bin Laden in Saudi Arabia schools2002-12-10
FarahPalestine, again2002-12-10
Amishav-MedvedJordan as the Palestinian Arab state2002-10-30
Jerusalem Post
ZuckermanA shameful contagion of antisemitism in Europe2002-10-07
U.S. News & World Report
FreundBring Arafat to Justice2002-09-25
Jerusalem Post
FreundTake back Joseph's tomb2002-09-18
Jerusalem Post
PazMiddle East Islamism in the European arena2002-09-15
FreundThey hate Christians, too2002-08-28
Jerusalem Post
FreundDid we learn anything from September 11?2002-08-18
Chicago Sun-Times
HageeBattle for Jerusalem2002-08-02
PragerWhy does the left support the Palestinians against Israel?2002-07-26
MilgramPalestinians already have state, Israel in real danger2002-07-15
Daily Bruin Online
EidelbergQuit the UN2002-07-11
HaleJews, almost extinct in Egyptian city Alexandria2002-07-02
USA Today
SimsSaudi broadcasts promote anti-Semitism, martyrdom2002-06-15
Fox News
CarubaThe U.N.: Irrelevant and malignant2002-06-15
EidelbergCutting the cord2002-06-07
FeiglinJews between the Arab hammer, and the Christian anvil2002-06-06
Manhigut Yehudit
AIPACU.N. bias against Israel2002-05-20
BennettStanding with Israel2002-05-14
AnwarExiled Palestinian militants ran two-year reign of terror2002-05-13
Washington Times
VincentPalestinians target civilians and sacrifice their own children in battle2002-05-02
Los Angeles Times
DeLayStanding with Israel against terrorism2002-05-02
U.S. House of Representatives
EidelbergThe crime and criminals of Oslo2002-04-30
KrauthammerPlease excuse the Jews for living2002-04-29
Jerusalem Post
MedoffHow the British fought terror in Jenin2002-04-22
Jerusalem Post
NetanyahuThe root cause of terrorism is tyranny2002-04-19
Wall Street Journal
FarahWhy I oppose Palestinian state2002-04-18
RubinThe U.N.'s refugees: The international body gives aid and comfort to terrorists2002-04-18
Wall Street Journal
EidelbergA Jewish and Democratic Solution to the Arab Problem2002-04-17
PragerWhy Jews should worry2002-04-12
Jewish Week
FallaciAntisemitism in Europe today2002-04-12
Corriere Della Sera
vanderHoevenThe fall of George W. Bush?2002-04-10
International Christian Zionist Center
BlitzerSuicide bombings in the United States?2002-04-09
JacobyThe road to war in the Mideast2002-04-04
Boston Globe
FriedmanSuicidal lies - On suicide bombers2002-03-31
NY Times
DerbyshireKill a Jew for Allah - The Mideast problem2002-03-22
National Review
DunetzWake up and smell the anti-Semitism2002-03-18
MarcusEncouraging woman terrorists2002-03-12
Palestinian Media Watch
InhofeIsrael's right to the Land of Israel
Peace in the Middle East
U.S. Senate
LimbaughUnleash Israel, win peace2002-03
GoldFrom "occupied territories" to "disputed territories"2002-01-16
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Taranto'My camel ate the manifest'
Our readers explain it all to Colin Powell
Wall Street Journal
PipesArafat's suicide factory2001-12-09
New York Post
GaffneyIs U.S. really Israel's ally?2001-12-01
vanderHoevenYou have to win a war in order to win a peace2001-11-26
International Christian Zionist Center
SchiffBeating Israel without a battle - Demographic infiltration2001-11-21
WistrichThe new Islamic fascism2001-11-16
Jerusalem Post
NewmanA nation that dwells alone: The UN-ique lock-out of Israel from the UN2000-08-01
Jerusalem Searchlight
IMRAPalestinian Authority's treatment of Christians in the autonomous areas1997-10-30
HanukogluPied pipers of peace - Criticism of Oslo agreement1993-10-13
Jerusalem Post
KahaneDEAR WORLD1988
HofferIsrael's peculiar position1968-05-26
Los Angeles Times