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Three Things About Islam that you should know about

A must see movie on World War III - Global Jihad of Islam against the Civilized World

Iranium the Movie: See why Iran's Nuclear program threatens the world

ChiaramonteChristian persecution across the globe2017-01-06
BergenA post-Christian Middle East?2013-08-22
LopezChristians face persecution, extinction in Islamic lands2013-03-27
Clarion Project
KempTunisia, Egypt: Is this the start of the return of the caliphate?2011-01-31
BNP News
AliHow to win the clash of civilizations2010-08-18
Wall Street Journal
BlechWORLD WAR III - The war on the Jews and the rise of the world security state2007-06-01
BushPresident Bush's speech on the five-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks2006-09-11
White House
BukayThe religious foundations of suicide bombings Islamist ideology2006-09-01
Middle East Quarterly
PipesThe Vatican confronts Islam2006-07-04
Jerusalem Post
MarcusHamas: Islam will conquer US and Britain2006-06-22
Palestinian Media Watch
KarshIslam's imperial dreams2006-04-04
CNNMuslims urged to make West 'bleed for years'2006-03-05
SultanWafa Sultan interview on clash of civilizations2006-02-21
GlickArab Moslem global Jihad = World War III2004-05-14
Jerusalem Post
ChanAmerican beheaded on web video2004-05-12
Washington Post
KesslerSuicide bombers explode in Western targets in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia2003-05-13
Washington Post
SciuttoIn praise of Bin Laden in Saudi Arabia schools2002-12-10
PazMiddle East Islamism in the European arena2002-09-15
BlitzerSuicide bombings in the United States?2002-04-09

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