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Islamist Terrorism
PhillipsThe distinction between Hamas and “ordinary” Palestinian Arabs is largely spurious2024-01-18
MurrayHamas’ philosophy: All civilians, all children are tools of war2023-12-28
EidAn open letter to my Palestinian brethren2021-05-23
YeminiThe truth about the Hamas terrorist organization2021-05-18
JerenbergLod mayor calls riots ‘pogrom,’ compares to Kristallnacht2021-05-12
DEBKAfileHamas terrorists in Gaza fire hundreds of rockets hitting Israel2021-05-11
CoalitionThe forgotten Palestinian child soldiers2021-02-17
DershowitzIs Palestine a State?2021-02-09
EttingerIslamic terrorism - extrinsic or intrinsic?2017-09-18
FriedlandHow terrorism has ruined everything2017-07-27
FrantzmanEthnic cleansing of Jews by Arabs in pre-state Israel2007-08-16
EttingerWho are you Abu Mazen?2005-01-14
WilderThe little shahid2004-03-21
PacepaThe KGB's man, terrorist Arafat2003-09-27
FreundBring Arafat to Justice2002-09-25
AnwarExiled Palestinian militants ran two-year reign of terror2002-05-13
VincentPalestinians target civilians and sacrifice their own children in battle2002-05-02
MedoffHow the British fought terror in Jenin2002-04-22
NetanyahuThe root cause of terrorism is tyranny2002-04-19
FriedmanSuicidal lies - On suicide bombers2002-03-31
MarcusEncouraging woman terrorists2002-03-12
Taranto'My camel ate the manifest'
Our readers explain it all to Colin Powell
PipesArafat's suicide factory2001-12-09

Cartoon about Arab terrorists complaining that they are not allowed to enter Israel.