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Arab-Israeli Conflict Articles : US Policy

TrumpStatement by President Trump about rocket attacks on Israeli cities2021-05-11
Donald Trump
GlickA powder keg, courtesy of Washington2021-05-07
Israel Hayom
HorowitzThe Biden White House: A Diversity of Racists and Anti-Semites2021-04-14
FrontPage Mag
EttingerUS Embassy in Jerusalem enhances US Interest2018-02-26
GlickThe international community, and the liberal media hid the news of Hezbollah’s narco-terrorism empire2017-12-19
Jerusalem Post
HohmannPresident Trump: 'Jerusalem is Israel's capital'2017-12-06
BehrmanObama's Untenable Position Regarding Silwan Arabs2014-10-14
Huffington Post
BeckOutrageous Double Standard: US Strikes in Syria Kill Civilians2014-09-29
United with Israel
FreundThe Invention of Palestine2011-12-14
Jewish Press
HinkleTime to Declare War on Israel2010-09-10
EidelbergForeign Policy of Israel vis-a-vis the US2009-03-16
Israel National News
AnonymousBackground check on Barack Hussein Obama2008-10-27
WareU.S. officials rethink hopes for Iraq democracy2007-08-22
VineyardLetter to President Bush about Jews2007-08-08
FreundBush forgot about American victims of Palestinian terror2005-10-19
Jerusalem Post
vanderHoevenKatrina hurricane - God's Judgement2005-08-30
International Christian Zionist Center
WilsonAmerica's Role in Dividing Israel Has Brought Judgement2005-08-16
Montana News
GlickOur World: Is America abandoning the fight?2005-05-30
Jerusalem Post
ThomasIsrael's big gamble to accept the Road-map2005-04-17
Washington Times
PipesSpreading Islam in American Public Schools2004-11-24
FrontPage Mag
HoffmanReagan's Global Legacy - Hastening an End to the Cold War2004-06-06
Washington Post
FishbeinBeware of the Gaza trap2004-04-11
Israel Insider
BedeinState Department's Annual Reports Slur Israel2004-03-22
FrontPage Mag
FishbeinThe U.S.-Israel Relationship: Charting a New Path Through an Uncertain Future2004-03-17
BedeinA Not So Merry Christmas in the Holy Land2003-12-26
FrontPage Mag
KrauthammerGeneva sellout2003-11-28
Jewish World Review
EttingerHomicide Bombing Induced by the Road Map2003-08-19
BeresA Palestinian State and Regional Nuclear War2003-03-28
FreundBush's choice: Powell or the Prophets2003-03-20
Jerusalem Post
StahlPA Inciting Palestinians Against America2003-03-07
FreundDid we learn anything from September 11?2002-08-18
Chicago Sun-Times
DeLayStanding With Israel Against Terrorism2002-05-02
U.S. House of Representatives
vanderHoevenThe fall of George W. Bush?2002-04-10
International Christian Zionist Center
GaffneyIs U.S. really Israel's ally?2001-12-01