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Homicide Bombing Induced by the Road Map

By Yoram Ettinger 19 August 2003

If you think that I'm mad, then you're right! I'm mad because the HORRIFIC HOMICIDE BOMBING is not a natural disaster. It has been induced by well-meaning folks in the US and Israel, who have chosen to sacrifice reality on the altar of wishful-thinking. UNintentionally, it has been at the expense of Jewish blood and possibly at the expense of the existence of the Jewish State (if the Road Map is allowed to persist).

Suicide bomber Imam Abdel-Hamid Mask with Kuran in one hand and rifle in the other.

Some Muslim clerics in the Palestinian territories have been known to preach support for suicide bombings against Israel, but Abdel-Hamid Mask was the first to turn sermon into action. Mask, a 29-year-old imam from the West Bank city of Hebron, blew himself up aboard a Jerusalem bus on August 19, 2003, killing 20 people, including six children, in an attack claimed by the Islamic militant group Hamas.

Bus bombed by homicide bomber

Rescue workers at the site of the bombed bus in downtown Jerusalem Tuesday Aug. 19 2003. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley). Additional photos

1. Scores of young kids in a bus, on their way to the Western Wall, were just hit (over 15 kids murdered and scores wounded) by a Palestinian homicide bomber, who has taken advantage of the relaxed security measures imposed on Israel by the US Administration. This is not the time for condemnation and complaining about terrorism; this is the time for the destruction of the infrastructure of terrorism. This is not the time for a "cease fire"; This is the time for the destruction of the infrastructure which feeds the fire of terrorism.

2. The HORRIFIC homicide bombing took place a few hour following the homicide bombing at the UN headquarters in Baghdad - another example of the MUTUALITY OF THREAT to the US, the Free World and Israel.

3. The HORRIFIC homicide bombing took place at the time when Abu Mazen (the favorite son of the US Department of State) met with Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders, in an attempt to extend the "ceasefire," (which has allowed the PA/PLO/Hamas to upgrade their terror infrastructure). Abu Mazen does not intend to ERADICATE terrorism, he has attempted - since 1993 - to INCORPORATE terrorism. Abu Mazen has been a chief architect of the series of understandings reached between the PLO/PA and Hamas since 1993, which have allowed the establishment - in PA-controlled area - the largest terrorist base in the world!!! Abu Mazen has thus been consistent with his track record since the late '50s: #2 to Arafat in the planning, executing and inciting terrorism, while shaving his face, wearing modern suits and ties and speaking softly. By the way, Muhammad Dahlan has been one of the most loathsome and corrupt terrorists before, and since, Oslo, especially when it comes to the oppression of his own Palestinians.

4. The HORRIFIC homicide bombing is the direct result of the US Administration-induced Road Map, which has IGNORED the bloody lessons of the last 10 years (1,300 Israelis murdered by PA/PLO-harbored and executed terrorism, which is proportionally equal to 60,000 Americans!), allowing for the Oslo Appease-Process to be replayed.


5. The HORRIFIC homicide bombing is the direct result of a policy, which has been AT VARIANCE WITH THE USA OWN WAR ON TERRORISM IN AFGHANISTAN AND IRAQ. It is a policy based on the IMMORAL concepts of "moral equivalence" (between a victim and a terrorist) and "cycle of violence" (equating defense against terrorism to the act of terrorism).

6. The HORRIFIC homicide bombing occurred a few hours following President Bush's amazing(???) offer to assist the role-model of terrorism - the PA/PLO - in the battle on Palestinian terrorism, ignoring PA/PLO's horrific track record. Would the US offer Saddam's deputies such assistance?! Would the US offer the Taliban - as indeed contemplated by Foggy Bottom - to participate in the gov't of Free Afghanistan?! In order to avoid similar homicide bombing, the Prez should pressure Israel to adopt HIS OWN way of combating terrorism: destroy the political, financial, ideological and operational infrastructure, rather than appease and coexist with that infrastructure.

7. The HORRIFIC homicide bombing is the direct result of an attempt by the US Administration to ignore the lead role played by the PA and the PLO in orchestrating, harboring, inducing, inciting anti-Israel terrorism.

8. The HORRIFIC homicide bombing is credited to an MORAL AMBIGUITY (I'm trying to employ an undue mild term!), which has allowed US and Israeli policy-makers to refer to the #2 PA terrorist, Abu Mazen, as a "Prime Minister", and to the role model of Palestinian brutality and corruption, Dahlan, as "Minister of Homeland Security." Prez Bush never referred to Saddam as President, understanding that MORAL CLARITY is a precondition for a victory on the battle field.

9. The HORRIFIC homicide bombing is the direct result of an attempt by the US Administration to outflank Mideast reality (contrary to its conduct in Iraq and Afghanistan!) and snatch another wishful-thinking process out of the jaws of experience.

10. MOST IMPORTANTLY, THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR DESPAIR. Jewish history has been replete with disasters, much more horrible than the Oslo/Road Map-driven terrorism. How can we despair when we remember the 6 million Jews murdered during WW2?! How can we despair when we remember the odds facing us in 1948?!

Israel shall survive, because the PEOPLE (not necessarily policy-makers) of Israel are endowed with faith, realism, tenacity, clarity and willingness to flex our muscle and destroy PA/PLO/HAMAS terrorism, in face of ANY pressure, and at the expense of ANY price. It's Security - rather than peace - at any price, which has been responsible for the establishment and growth of the Jewish State.